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Rage 2011 top 50 | #38 Hunz – I Get Chills

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!


This result is really a testimony to you guys. Thank you for taking time out of your day and voting for the single “I Get Chills” which placed number 38 in a chart that reaches far and wide in Australia. So smiley right now!


Triple J – Forum – Rage top 50 2011


TripleJ Unearthed and The Messenger

Not only have we hit no.1 on the electronic charts at TripleJ we’ve had some really awesome reviews. Yeah!


TripleJ Unearthed Reviews


Like others have mentioned before, definitely reminiscent of Radiohead. But hunz without a doubt have their own personal sound. The song is great melodic electronica. Definitely one of my favourite new artists!



Funky moody electro pop with a chip-tune twist, Hunz dazzles with sublime sweetness in such a sweep leaving you breathless on the dancefloor and wanting more. And just in case you think this pop is too disposable, check out the emotion in that dark bassline, the cyclonic computerized melodies, and the introspective lyrics. The barrier has been shaken, and Hunz grooves us out with some thoughts that really do move.



Thank you so much for clicking through and listening to the track and reviewing it. The more you listen the more it climbs up the charts. Thanks guys!


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“The Messenger” on triple j Unearthed

Thought I would ask you all a favour and see if you wouldn’t mind clicking through to the song “The Messenger” on the triple j Unearthed site. triple j is a state wide radio station here in Australia. It helps promote new and unique bands. It helped bring Silverchair and many many others out of obscurity.


Rate me on triple j Unearthed!


Home & Hosed – Triple J air play

Just a little note to mention that ‘You said hello’ has been played on home & hosed on Triple J. You can see the play list here. If you felt like requesting the tune please do just make sure you don’t spam them, which would be so appreciated it.

Short and sweet post.

Triple J Unearthed

Triple J is our indie radio station here in Australia. They really help artists here in Australia emerge and become much much better. I’ve managed in the past to make a little splash with draw the line + the animation :P and am hoping that with everyone’s help I might be able to make another dent with the RPM challenge album I completed.

There are 2 ways you can do this.. Register and Listen to my track “You said Hello” and give it a rating on the unearthed player and/or review my track in the review sections.

Hunz on Triple J Unearthed

Really appreciate it guys, I’ll bring you news as things happen on that site and I will be adding more songs shortly after the RPM album gets release.

It’s all new.

I just thought I would state the obvious and say “Look it’s a new hunz web page layout“.  Been working hard to just make it easier to update and to get stuff out there. Here is a list of things you can do :

  • There are rss feeds so if you have a reader put that in there.
  • If you are a local and don’t want to miss a show then we have a show rss feed too.
  • There is also hunz on twitter, hunzmusic.

I thought I would also post the small video clip I animated for ‘draw the line’ again. I have lost a few of my old posts so I hope this makes up for it ^_^.


Rpm09 is just around the corner and it is my goal to have everyone going through what I’m going through.  A big thanks to everyone for helping me put this together! Thanks.