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#Rpm Day22 Song7 v3

When I loaded this up, it was the rough, rough sketch that took me 20mins to put together. It sounded old, and I was happy with it. Old as in “90′s power rock ballad” old. I’ve just kept this with no drums and feel like it really works. Just needs either another part or two to end. We’ll see what inspires as the week unfolds. Excuse the bad edits here and there ..


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Hunz Song7 Version3


There’s a car in the meadow
I hear talk from the inside of it
but I am driver
And I’ve lost the road underneath


Move forward, it’s already crowded here.
Well I can’t move, I’ve complicated fears.


I can’t take your suggestions
Cause my brain doesn’t seem to agree
So it’s best if we bargain
for the ownership of the key


Move forward, it’s already crowded here.
and I can’t move, I have complicated fears.


  • Drawing in bass sample
  • Found a nice tone
  • Going to growl it a bit using the instrument setup
  • Trying to find a distorted guitar like sound over the top
  • Found over top sound shaping things around
  • Don’t think I’ll put drums in this song at all
  • Time for bed, although I think the neighbors have other plans T_T it’s 11pm people.
  • Early morning so I can get stuck into this.
  • Just discovered the humanize button
  • Trying to get the bass sounding more random
  • Hearing other random notes now going to put them in.
  • Still sticking to the no drum feeling
  • but it feels a bit, eer .. Old.
  • Need a break for this for now it’s feel a bit crappy.
  • Listening again, I think I feel the love for it again.
  • Adding more instrumentation to the chorus
  • Redid the vocal parts for the chorus
  • Playing with the bass in the verse to add variation
  • Going to keep the bass the same
  • Like where it’s heading it’s simple and emotive.
  • will take a few more hours to complete this one.


Ok sleep time.


#Rpm Day22 Song3 v2

I really think this song has a lot going for it I only hope I pushed it in the right direction. The problem is, if I didn’t, then I don’t have time to fix it up and tomorrow for me will tell if I did. I think it’s got a good 4-6hrs left in it to fix it up so I’m hoping I can do that this week. Scarey. I have 4 tunes to compelete out T_T


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Hunz Song3 Version2


Couldn’t take this morphine
Even if it’s a craze
I’m so dumb I’m trying
to keep up with my age, oh no!
I’m so dark from hiding
But I’ve turned out ok
so much is overdone it’s
all feeling tame


Soon, Soon, Soon, soon.


To take it all it’ll break our knees
Consume more, it is our disease


the push keeps on pushing
through one shape that aint new
our heart ache is dire
money wraps it with glue, oh no!
I’ll keep up till happy
and I’m told it will do
this style is not my choice
I’m a product of you


Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon.
I am seeing life
Beating up on me
I want it to stop
someone help me, please.


To take it all it’ll break our knees
Consume more, it is our disease


  • Listening through it all
  • It’s all very strong so I’m just going to arrange this out and see what happens.
  • Finding some nice hidden patterns I threw away that fit in.
  • Creating a heavy sung section after the soft chorus
  • I think this will help the cut and paste feel of the song.
  • I am going to have it tack on the end of the chorus to see if it enhances it.
  • Working through the chorus and adding 80′s reverb to snare .. never thought I would hear the day I would say that.
  • Not enjoying the heavy part after the 1st chorus as much as I thought so I’m making a slow part.
  • Not completed but Bouncing the track down for listening.


Time for some sleeps, after my Song7 post.


#Rpm Day21 Song9 V2

Started rather late, like 2pm and finished this one up around 7pm with a 1hr break inbetween. Not to bad. Will work on another track tonight and I hope to complete 3 before the weekend is done OR I’m going to fall behind. The quality might start hurting but I’ll make sure it’s not going to suffer too much ^_^. As always, names names names .. I need names people .. gimme :D


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Hunz Song09 Version01


I saw nothing but the very best for you
I’ve sort nothing but the truth
you’ll have to trust me as we venture out so far
Cause I swing words that might bruise


I heard the messenger
to shake down the barrier
I’ll wait until it’s clear
to shake down this barrier


I feel discouranged when the fear is all I see
pushing deep against
I make my opinions based on everything I’m told
I’ll walk this line until I’m old


I heard the messenger
to shake down the barrier
I’ll wait until it’s clear
to shake down this barrier
I heard the messenger
to shake down the barrier
I’ll wait until it’s clear
to shake down this barrier


Shake down the barrier, oh oh oh.


I heard the messenger
to shake down the barrier
I’ll wait until it’s clear
to shake down this barrier


  • Really not liking the whiney-ness of the verse
  • Taking the beat out and looping it to see what melodies present themselves
  • In doing this, I always keep the chorus vocals in my mind because it has to create a brige to get there.
  • although in this case it might be nice to have 2 different moments
  • Liking the same melody sung less whiney and more low so going to do a scat version to see if it fits in.
  • It works.
  • Making the drums flow better, which means creating a mood that the chorus could break apart a bit more.
  • So more stops and pulls but only at the end of phrazes.
  • I feel like this is a good time to put in some really bad lowfi toms doing a typical beat.
  • on man, why renoise has a Delete all samples is beyond me. Lucky it has an undo that works.
  • Found some Dorky 8inch and 10inch toms, sound so yucky. Excited by this ^_^
  • Put on heavy but round distortion over this – It sounds so like a lame casio tone moment. So happy.
  • Writing more verse lyrics
  • Recording the vocals in .. Wow so many cars going past my room right now.
  • Oh crapsicales I didn’t turn my monitors all the way down when I did my vocals take T_T will hear the damange done.
  • Haha, wow has this nice live feel about them with strange spill. I’m going to leave this as a mistake that happens for a reason.
  • Lunch break
  • Going to double up on “shake down the barrier” lines
  • Going to do a harmoney just for “shake down the barrier”
  • Liking what the chorus does now.
  • Listening back to the crappy toms makes me sad, they sound silly and too long.
  • I’m going to move into arragement mode and put this together.
  • Clone selection is so brilliant .. thank you renoise team.
  • As I’m arranging some little piano parts I hinting to be alive
  • The chorus bg harmonies are hanging into the lead into the next verse. Sounds really neat as they resolve to early over the chords but lead into the next chords ..
  • Still not happy with the verse vocals, I think there is another melody that is so much better which the chorus needs.
  • Listening through it and It’s going to have to do. Will make a note and change it IF i get time.
  • My wife said “I liked the song until the crappy toms came in”
  • I’m trimming all the long tom rolls
  • Sounding better.
  • Finalising arragment. Happy with this one.
  • Rendering out the rhodes now T_T
  • Done.


So .. err… back to work me! GO!


#Rpm Mixing Day19 Song2 V5

Double post on this one. I have put up what changes I made and then what Mr Mark Dollin did to the mix. Enjoy the extra parts. :D Also, this song will fade out of the last 16bars so also enjoy the VERY, VERY long ending with no fade. Fade-outs happen on the mastering end, so you get to hear everything VERY, very raw. And it’s possible I will ditch the part before the space lead comes in at the end 2:05 – 2:22.


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Song2 Version5


Arranging Comments


  • I just wanted to complete something today
  • Listening through Song2
  • Taking on suggestions of doing a long fade
  • I think it needs another something before going back to chorus
  • Hearing some of the verse being sung over the chorus chords
  • Singing them in
  • Changing the bass notes around and bringing in drums from the verse
  • Hearing a counter vocal melody
  • Singing that in
  • Putting a lead into the chorus play out, sounds spacey but apt
  • Going back into the blend from the new bridge chorus
  • It’s working!
  • Going to bring in the counter vocal melody from the bridge into the end chorus
  • Feeling happy with this now.
  • The gate I’ve stuck on the counter melody is bad; changing it.


Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]


  • Listening a few times over and paying attention to the new bits hunz has added.
  • Ok going back to the Kick to give it some TLC, could be further ‘tightened’. Slightly adjusting the EQ to get the subs punching lower so it doesn’t compete with the bass.
  • Re-adjusting the bass EQ just to fine tune things. Warming the distortion settings a bit by adding some dry signal.
  • Quick adjustment on the vocal high end freqs, just a touch brighter.
  • Looking at the ‘I don’t know what to do’ vocal line… Taking a little more out of the low end. Adding a reverse-panned delay to fill the soundstage a bit. Dropping the volume a touch.
  • Now the ‘Space Lead’ that soars in the bridge. Moved the panner back in the chain so the pan position gets caught in the delay send (helps spatiality). Adjusting the EQ to lower the bass and soften the mids a little more. Adding a light squeeze on the compressor to even the dynamics on the rise. Adding a light chorus on the start of the chain to ‘liquefy’ the lead.
  • Listening to the whole mix a few times. Now checking on headphones. Micro adjusting the bass and kick EQ. Now checking on the big speakers nice and loud. Ok! Happy with the balance of everything. Time to quickly get it back to hunz!


You might be sick of that ending by now BUT I am going to ad lib the last chorus over the last 16bars so you get some unique stuff happening. I’ll be doing this as a final pass next week. Not sure if the renoise files will contain this, it might make the file much bigger. I’ll check.


#Rpm Day19 Song6 v6

So grateful that I got 2 days off from work. I cleaned up 3 tunes, and they are final. Although I’ve yet to listen through the end changes I made to Song2 which I’ll post in a bit. I managed to finish Song6 and will start work on another one in a little bit. Possible that it’ll be the most loosely sketched one, because the clear ideas just come together with out much effort.


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Hunz Song6 Version6


Oh no, you’re not there, but I see your hair
And I’m tired and I wish you were gone
I might be showing my fear but I’m living in tomorrow.


I wish I could know where my mind goes, oh oh
I guess there is times yesterday shakes today, oh oh.


Oh no, you’re not there, but I see you hair
And I’m tired and I wish you were gone
I might be showing my fear but I’m living in tomorrow


Just because memories flash doesn’t mean your heart agrees
Greedy hands from my mind take them all, far away .. oh


My God will have the victories
My God will tear this apart
Before all time had begotten
A shield was placed in my heart


  • I’m listening through the work
  • Not much left to do but write the lyrics
  • Didn’t want a bridge, but one fell out.
  • Writing more lyrics
  • So I’ve deiced to screw convention
  • chorus / Verse / chorus / Verse then bridge and over
  • It just works, leaves you hanging for more, but that’s what repeat is for :D
  • Happy with this tune now, has it’s own character and I like that.
  • Bouncing down my Rhodes samples.
  • Fixing them up clicking like mad.
  • Happy with the arrangement


Much needed break coming up. Uploading tune to Mr Mark Dollin for the mix and will keep the rpm happening after the break.


#Rpm Day17 Song6 v4

Had an interesting night with this one. Made like 3 different verse parts. Realized they sounded like other things I loved and then made it simpler and simpler until I hit this. It’s so simple but it just flowed.


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Hunz Song6 Version4


  • Loading up Song6.
  • Loving how dorky this song sounds again.
  • Getting into the groove of it to create another movement.
  • Playing with the bass
  • Placing strings in
  • Vocal melody came to me singing in ad lib part
  • Arranging drums to change to suit it more.
  • Deciding to keep this song very, very simple
  • Will add one more instrument
  • Found a nice vocal to lead into the chorus part again
  • It turns out it’s not nice
  • Playing around with the chords at the end just before the chorus part
  • Something fell out as notes were left on; I can hear things I like
  • It’s getting so complicated that I’ve broken for dinner
  • After walking back I decided to sing over the groove of the 1st part and write another melody from it
  • Come up with such a simple simple chord thing that’s been done to death but it works
  • Created some really 8bit synth noises that are like the ghosts in mario.
  • Dinner Break
  • Playing with it some more and came up with 3 different verse ideas
  • made it simple again
  • thickened out harmonies in the chorus
  • made a scat for the verse
  • eeep, it’s late .. time for post


I’m getting so tired now. My throat is so tired, and I’m feeling a bit run down. I’m going to take vitamins before going to bed and try and get some rest. Aiming to take Thursday/Friday off, but we’ll see how that goes.


#Rpm Mixing Day16 Song5 V4

So here is another mix from mark for your ears. This song is near complete. I do want to make some minor changes (that’s if I get time). Some involve the over usage of the crash on the accents and some double kicks that are killing the groove for me. Extending the “Go!” movement and some other little things here and there .. That’s about it. Enjoy.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  • Loading mix up: having a few listens to get familiar with the sounds and what the song is doing. Lots of channels! Kinda wish Renoise had colour-coded channels so we can find our way around massive mixes like this. It’s an aggressive mix, but hunz has already done a fantastic job…
  • As always, starting off with the low sounds – so checking the bass. Not much to change so adding a lite EQ to shape the sound. Removing panning envelope from the bass and adding a light vibrato to the instrument. Making up for the ‘flow sound’ by adding a stereo chorus with a mono low end.
  • Now to the kick. Slightly adjusting the EQ. Hmm, the drum reverb is a little stiff sounding so I might add a light pre-phaser. Playing the kick off the bass to check balance. Sounding good.
  • Onto the fat noisy snare. Found the complex chain to make the sound, so I’m adjusting the final EQ.
  • Looking at the high hat line. Adjusting the chorus and adding a wide delay to build spatiality. Bringing down the volume a touch.
  • Checking the Perc Hats. Taking a little more low end out of the sound.
  • Listening to the Perc Snare which is a delightful little glitchy sound. All good.
  • Now to the crashes. Removing some of the intensity out of the mids with an EQ.
  • Playing all the drum sounds together. Panning the glitchy snare a little to the left. Making some minor adjustments here and there. Fine tuning the snare sound. All up it’s a hard industrial like sound, but that’s good because it suits the song.
  • Now onto Synth 01. Adjust the EQ to clear the sound. The ‘width’ of the sound is kinda screwing with my ears (I’m a bit of a ‘fixed pan with ambience’ sort of guy). Oh there’s a panning envelope in the instrument – might leave that be for hunz to consider.
  • Looking at Synth 02. Making the flanger width mono. Adding an EQ to knock out harsh mids.
  • Checking the Strings out. Reversing the delay pans to even out the spatiality. Added EQ.
  • Now to the Sreaming Filter – wow lovely texture here, really industrial. Just adding a Bandpass Filter to knock out some noise from the highs and low end.
  • Playing all the melodic sounds together to see how they gel. Further adjusting the bass EQ.
  • Now adding all the percussion to the mix to see how that balances with the melodic sounds. Upping the ratio on the drum compressor to tighten it a bit. Bringing up the bridge synth a bit. High hat need some reverse pan delay on it to balance the width.
  • Ok all sounding workable, might be time to rest the ears and walk Max ;)
  • Time for a short session, so it may be good to begin cleaning the vocal samples. The usual top and tail fades etc.
  • Playing all the vocal parts together acapella. Lovely harmonies!
  • Some distortion on the chorus vocal – and hunz has planned the is an intensity effect like old tube mic performances. Might try to warm that up a bit – adjusted the tone and distortion type.
  • As with the other songs I’m sending all the vocal sounds to a master send to do group processing over the entire vocal sound. Set up an EQ but I can to stop early due to rehearsals being shifted early.
  • Back to it! Shaping an EQ for the vocals. Adjusting the volume of the chorus vocal. Adding a master filter to the vocals to brighten the tone a bit.
  • Turning off the main vox to just hear the backing vocals. Doing some subtle changes to the backing vox to make sure there’s no low end interference.
  • Time to play the whole mix! Listening through a few times… Upped the entire vocal my just a few tiny pixels… ;)
  • Things are sounding complete, so time to check on headphones. Just discovered the verse vocal is inverted L-R! Hmm, I kinda prefer it mono, but hunz may have wanted it that way for a reason. I’ll settle with mono for now and hunz can switch it back if he so wishes. Just discovered the bridge vocal is the same. Hmmm… A solution is needed. Ok added a stereo chorus that hopefully covers the task for both vocal parts.
  • Switching back to speakers. Things a feeling right, but it’s getting late so I may have to do a final check on the morrow.
  • Fresh early morning session: Time to play it really loud! Put a master fade on the outro of the song to return the audio to zero.
  • Checked the mix on the big speakers in another room. Everything sounds like where it should be.
  • Saving, and done! Time to pass back to hunz.

#Rpm Mixing Day14 Song2 v04

Mark has been doing an incredible job with mixing these tracks. Thank you so much mark have a listen to what he did with this one, it’s just so great!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


  • Loading song, listening to the whole mix a few times to understand the sound. Already smooth and lush! Lovely music to listen to! Some really good echo fx in this one!
  • Adjusting master gain settings for standard playback volume.
  • Starting off with getting the bass right. Adding reductive EQ. Taking the panning off the bass samples to focus it mono, and adding a chorus to give the bass harmonics width and expression.
  • Onto the Kick: Adjusting EQ. Adding a LP Filter to the drum chain. Checking bass and kick together and making some fine adjustments.
  • Checking the snares. Adding an EQ.
  • Checking the hats. Adjusting the EQ. Adding a bit of delay for width.
  • Looking at the noise snare. Adding a LP Filter on the reverb. Adjusting the EQ to focus the tone. Adding a LP Filter post the distortion to knock out the nasty extreme highs.
  • Looking at the extra noise percussions. Hunz is a noisy lad on this one! Added a filter and EQ to focus the sound. Added a reverse echo to thicken the width.
  • Shaking up the shakers: Adding an EQ to smooth them a bit.
  • Playing all the percussion together. Making some minor adjustments to here and there to get it all punch nicely. Adding a filter over the whole lot to lift the tone a bit.
  • Onto the Lead synth, Wow some cool sci-fi sirens here. Adjusting EQ. Adding a filter on the echo.
  • Now to the Rough Synth. Adding an EQ to smooth the sound a bit.
  • Looking at the the arp synth. Adding an EQ to shape the sound, taking out the lows and little bit of the mids.
  • Now playing all the melodic instruments together to get a sense of cohesion. Fine tuning some EQ settings. Sounding nice.
  • Now adding all the percussion to the melodic sounds. Drums aren’t punching quite right. Bringing the shakers down. Adding a limiter to the hats to make them behave. Bringing the snare sounds up a little. Bringing the kick up a touch. Adjusting the synth’s panning wider to fill the sound stage more.
  • Feeling like the chip sounds are a little ‘stiff’ sounding so I’ve added a very very light internal vibrator to instrument 4, 5 and 6. If this bugs hunz he can easily turn it off later.
  • Now to the vocals: listening to them as a whole group acapella. Echoes are very beautiful, but I might added a filter to roll some of the tops off within the echo part.
  • Adding all the vocal parts to a send group to do global processing. Adding an EQ to filter the vocals. Sounding good! Time to have a little break for lunch and let ears have a rest…
  • Ok a new session. Checking vocals. Hearing some clicks here and there, so it may be time to clean the vocal samples.
  • Addressing some clicks causes by fx switches on the vocals. All fixed.
  • Now to listen to the whole mix to check the balances.
  • Adjusting the kick EQ again, list a little.
  • Automating a little fade of the very first synth to fix a little attack issue.
  • Vocals are disappearing a little within all the detail so I might try to lift their tone a bit. Added a filter to emphasise the vocal highs.
  • Things are sounding ok on my main speaker so it’s time to check on some other speakers. First: my headphones.
  • Some of the background vocals are feeling a little too bassy: adjusted EQs.
  • The first little bridge has a ‘talky bass’ that gets too dynamic at points. Fixed with a few volume commands.
  • Second verse has a lead instrument that gets a bit too dominant for a bit. Addressed with some volume automation on the post-compressor.
  • Switching back to main speakers. Listening a few times just enjoying the music!
  • Trying out a little gating idea on the end of the bridge to emphasise a pause. Got it to dive down nice and sharp. It’s bordering on an artistic choice, so I’ll let hunz decide if he’d like to keep it or not.
  • Tried the mix on a big set of speakers loud in another room. Sounds pretty good, but the vocal could do with a touch off the low end. Adjusted that.
  • One last check on the main speakers. Ok, happy with what is going on here. Time to pass it back!

#Rpm Mixing Day12 Long Road Song1 v5

Well, I’m so excited by this that I might explode. Mr Mark Dollin aka mmd is helping me out with Rpm. He is gracefully giving up his time and taken the role of cleaning up my mixes and making them sound better then they should during this really tight turn around. I’ve asked him to talk about his mixing in the same way I have about my sketching and tracking of the songs. This post is a bit late but we’ll play catch ups as they come out. As you may have noticed the name has changed for Song1 v5 to Long Road. Thank you everyone for your input on this one, I’ll keep it going with all the songs and pick the best names.


This experience so far has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you everyone. Please enjoy Mark’s notes as I have. Visit his site and throw some love his way his work is so greatness. Click here for MMD


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Hunz – Long Road – Version 5


  • Loading mix, getting acquainted with the sounds, learning what all the channels are. Sounds amazing already!
  • Setting up some master volume settings.
  • Soloing each sound to understand the parts, looking at FX settings. Hunz has some complete send splits going on! Hmm… Group soloing all the vocals, enjoying a private Hunz acapella ;)
  • Low end feels a bit too huge and boomy, focus on the kick first. Kick filter and EQ tightened. Now the bass: re-shaping EQ, adding a light chorus. Put a compressor on the kick to make it a punch.
  • Now the snare: taking some low end mud out of it and some harsh mids. Putting a limiter on the snare to make it behave a bit.
  • Hats – thinking of lifting the tone a bit – added a filter. Added an EQ to remove some harshness.
  • Looking at the ‘drum master’ where all of the drums are sent, again thinking of liftin the tone – added a filter. Happy with the drums.
  • Now to Synth1. Ouch, some painful mids here – adjusting EQ. Panning is causing some spatiality issues – added subtle reversed echo.
  • Synth2: Adding a filter to knock off the extreme high sounds from the lofi grit. Adding an echo like before to get some more width. Adding some EQ to take out unwanted frequencies.
  • The ghostly pad: enjoying the textured haunting sounds but it needs some bass and mids out so changing the EQ.
  • Fixing up some some filtering issues in the sends…
  • Now listening to the whole song without the vocals to see how the music gels. Time to save! Might be time to have a break before attacking the vocals, so time to walk the dog!
  • Ok vocal time. Trimming and cleaning the actual vocal recordings. Fixing some little pops and clicks.
  • Listening the the whole mix to get a sense of what needs balancing. Now to listen to just the vocals.
  • Making a send to group all the vocals in, to make some changes to the vocal sound overall. Added a High Pass Filter to knock out any subs. Doing some subtle EQ to clarify the vocals. Adding a sharp Low Pass Filter to focus the ‘air’.
  • Thinking of adding some subtle verb to the vocals… Kind of works but doesn’t for some of the percussive vocals so I’m removing them from the send group. It’s touch and go whether or not the verb works, so I might leave it for now and let Hunz decide.
  • Back to the whole mix, listen to it altogether. Thinking the vocals could be automated to be more subtle for the first verse especially, but then ramped up for the chorus. Again, something for Hunz to decide.
  • Might be time to check the mix on a different set of speakers in a different room, so I’m linking that up.
  • Generally happy with the sound on the other system but I’m thinking the vocals need a little more ‘air’ emphasised. Used a basic Low Pass Filter trick to lift the high end.
  • Starting to get a bit of ‘ear fatigue’ so time for a break and a check later.
  • Trying out a late night session on headphones to check a few things. Nothing much seems addressing at this point but the verse ‘hum’ note seems too bassy for the mix. Putting a light High Pass Filter on that part.
  • This will do for now. Will do a final check tomorrow with fresh ears.
  • Early morning sessions with fresh ears: Was thinking the keys may be a little soft but they sound pretty right. Struggling to find much else to fiddle with. May be time to save and pass back to Hunz for his final edits!


I would also like to note that this song has yet to be mastered which another friend of mine is helping me out with as well. I will talk more about this later but man, the help I’m getting for this is just overwhelming. I’m just so amazed. OK, amazement over it’s time to get some sleep and get on to RPM tomorrow!


#Rpm Day15 Song5 v4

I started out really wanting to do 2 tracks today, but I only got one out. But it is complete. I would still love to tweak it some more — layering and work out what’s going on with it all, BUT it’s done for RPM. I’ll pick it up again at the end if there is time. I really enjoyed working with this song. It is something different, and that’s always great when melodies come along and aren’t what you know. Also need a name for this one… apparently ‘Pigs with Wheels’ is now taken, people.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Hunz Song5 Version4


You call me, yeah, always.
I just found the phone.
Can I clean the driveway,
The entrance to home?


My heart it floods with emotions
While, my eyes deny what I see
My mind can’t stop the commotion
And I need you now; release me


I’ll hold you in sorrow
When I get back there
It might be tomorrow
Do you want my care?


My heart it floods with emotions
While, my eyes deny what I see
My mind can’t stop the commotion
And I need you now; release me
My heart it floods with emotions
While, my eyes deny what I see
My mind can’t stop the commotion
And I need you now; release me


Go! I didn’t know you’d go, I didn’t know you.


My heart it floods with emotions
While, my eyes deny what I see
My mind can’t stop the commotion
And I need you now release me


  • Don’t know why, but it’s taking ages for my laptop [xps1330] to boot
  • 3 resets and then I unplugged everything, saw it fix the problem
  • Working on Song5
  • I’m going to mix the drums a bit first. I want to make it more lazy and messy.
  • Really want the sounds to be more awkward
  • Snare is leading the 1 beat. I’m going to create a fake 1 count for it by adding another snare channel with more bottom end/mids.
  • A one count is something used in funk where EVERYTHING, no matter what, has to at least have something going on the one beat on the phrase. This helps create the funk.
  • I split the snare up. I cause a delay on the high end and distort the low end.
  • Decided to delay the low end of the snare send (10-15ms) and then resend the original send into the snare master.
  • Thick and a bit phaz-ee
  • Placed Scream Filter on high end pass sound – pleasant surprise.
  • Tweaked it a bit, and this will help flavor the one
  • Going to get a crash going. No this isn’t a BSOD moment; it’s a Crash Cymbal
  • Don’t know if people realize this, but I tend not to use crashes. Personally they hurt my ears, and there are other ways to do what they do in music.
  • In this case the Crash is a perfect “in your head” moment where you know it usually hits on the one, so it’ll help compliment the awkward count of this tune.
  • This is a perfect time to announce that I love sends in Renoise. It’ll be neater when they have groups and channels that you can expand and write in, but this works a charm.
  • Putting on a light verb on the Kit Master then using Pre-delay to help with the messiness
  • Pulling accents out of the chorus for the drums to follow
  • It is sounding very indie electronic. Nice.
  • Also managed to get some double kick action in there for my drummer.
  • Trying to write lyrics .. T_T .. it’s hard, people, very hard to write lyrics. I feel like the chorus is so cliche, makes me sad.
  • Lol, there are baby birds making this hideous high pitch noise. Going to put that in the break down if I can.
  • Lunch
  • Came back fresh ears putting down bridge bit
  • Going to layer this out and then stop it to bring in chorus.
  • Going to be a nice escape moment but with energy in it.
  • Just mixing and arranging trying to find the right balance in everything
  • doing vocals takes again
  • finishing up the track again
  • the mix is really rough and has lost some dynamics. the vocals are too loud
  • Wow took over 10mins to render .. scary!


It is time for bed people. I have decided to take Song8 version1 and make that a new song. So I have completed the 10 (is that cheating .. lol). I’ll be taking some time off work to put this together, AND I have some much needed help, which I’ll announce tomorrow. And everyone said .. “HUZZAH!” I think I can do this people, if not we at least have 3 nice tunes .. huh, huh? When I get tired, I get a bit silly .. excuse me.