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New Music – Scott Spark Reworking


Hunz Rework of Scott Spark’s What is in a world


Scott spark asked me to do a remix of one of his wonderful tracks called “What is in a world”. I asked very nicely if I could do a reworking, which is the way I love to do mixes, and he agreed – Thank you Scott. It really was a pleasure to work on this track and push into a sound that I am hoping hunz will occupy more when we release new music. It’s a free to download so please enjoy.


Amazing Hunz Remixes by Sefiros

<a href="">It&#8217;s So Light (Sefiros Remix) by Sefiros</a>


Here are some more remixes that have completely blown me away. They are for “In Tomorrow” and “It’s so Light”. Thank you so much Sefiros for taking your valuable time and creating something that enhances the emotions of the tracks. He takes familiar phrases and vocals from the tracks and creates something that is between a ambient sound scape and something pop. It really is a perfect meld of our 2 styles. Please check out his albums and thank him if you get the time. Click here for his page


“You Said Hello” Remix by Sleeperspaceborn

If you, like me, have been enjoying the amazing remixes from Sleeperspaceborn then here is another one! He reinvents the feeling in the song and puts his own personal twist on it. This is one of my Favorite remixes. Thank you again Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">you said hello (hunz rmx) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


Soon, Soon Remix by MMD

Mr Mark Dollin, the guy that mixed my last album, has done a very awesome remix of the song “Soon, Soon”. My favorite type of remixes are ones that take the existing work and build on it to take it out of it’s comfort zone. You can hear wonderful echo’s of the original song through it. Great work MMD!


Pleading with Ghosts


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More Remix announcements to come.


“The Messenger” – Remixed by Sleeperspaceborn

Sleeperspaceborn has done another wonderful remix of one of my tunes. Such a wonderful talent and I feel honored that we would consider my work. I love how this song plays out and it has a lot of depth and variety to it all. I’m such a sucker for around 4:59 onwards .. hehe. Thank you so much Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">messenger (hunz remix) by sleeperspaceborn</a>