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New Music [Level 3 - Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost]

<a href="">Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost. by .hnz (aka hunz)</a>


Announcing the track “Level 3 – Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost” from my upcoming chiptune album called “7bit Hero” written by my alias .hnz


You can hear me talk about this album live on 4zzz this Wednesday night (30th of June) from 6PM (UTC + 10) on ZEDGAMES.
Link Here


Then see me perform the whole album for the 1st time at The Mana Bar (1st of July) from 8pm.
Link Here


That’s all I’m saying for now, but please enjoy this free track. I’ve had so much fun making this album. I can’t wait to announce the release date of this.


An RPM-Challenge Challenge

It’s almost February, and that means that it is time for all musicians to consider the RPM Challenge. The goal is to take the month of February to record an album of 10 songs or 35 minutes of previously unreleased music. (See the full details of the challenge here.)


I took the challenge last year and somehow wrote and recorded Thoughts That Move in one month. (With the mixing help of mr mark dollin) If you missed it, I blogged the whole process, which you can read starting at the bottom of the page here and working back through feb.


I’ve been asked by many people (including my wife and even myself) whether I’d be doing it again this year. As tempting as it is, I’ve decided to keep my focus on the animations that I’ve been working on and keep that ball rolling. I am challenging myself to make some progress on my clip during February.


the challenge
But I’m putting out the challenge for all other musicians to sign-up at, and then leave a comment here. I’d love to see how other people go with it and hear your progress. It might feel like it’s last minute, but I signed up on the 28th of January last year. Just commit to it and see how far you get. If nothing else, you might crank out a couple interesting new tunes or make you rethink how you write to get it done.


Starting sunday at midnight.. you can doo eet!

Soon, Soon Remix by MMD

Mr Mark Dollin, the guy that mixed my last album, has done a very awesome remix of the song “Soon, Soon”. My favorite type of remixes are ones that take the existing work and build on it to take it out of it’s comfort zone. You can hear wonderful echo’s of the original song through it. Great work MMD!


Pleading with Ghosts


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


More Remix announcements to come.


Some great post worth reading . .

Here are some post that happened around the same time I launch the cd and got lost in the noise T_T. Thank you so much to the reviewers and random fans that just write up about me. I continue to be humbled by everyone’s passion for the music. Thanks.

The Quiet Revolution – Mmd


Yet another little trip up to Brisbane over the weekend saw us catch Hunz at The Globe on Friday night. A little tired from traveling all day we found sitting through the support bands a little bit of a challenge – the PA was just way too loud for my fragile ears and the bands were performing music that wasn’t really my sort of thing. It must have been late, possibly quarter to midnight that Hunz with his lappy, mics and keys, plus his bandmates Phil Evans on bass & Richie Young on drums, delivered a shortish set for over 30 minutes.


Playing only songs from the album When Victims Fight the band delivered enhanced versions of the songs with live intensity and genuine emotion, all which came across most enjoyable and beyond expectation. Going off my limited knowledge of their YouTube posted performances, it seems that the band is quite tight and Hunz has embellished the songs with live keyboard, extra melodies and effective ‘tape loop’ style self-sampling of his vocals to perform lovely weaving auto-choruses and builds. There were many moments when I though ‘this is all better than the CD, especially the strength in Hunz’s voice’. It was a slight shame there were only 50+ odd people there to see all this – but I’m reminded of a time I saw Augie March playing beautiful music to a small and totally unresponsive Bistro Audience up at UNE in 2000 before they got very big on Triple J. Somehow, and I know it’s a cliche, I feel it’s the same for Hunz: that wide and appropriately deserving attention will befall this music one way or another. Good gigs leave you with this feeling. There are all too many acts out there that suffer from having too much style and not enough substance – but if you ever catch these guys play live you’ll see that there’s no such issue here. The music left us feeling both entertained as well as inspired.


What a motivator to keep on with my own music.


We met up with him after the set to have a quick chinwag. He told me that the Renoise XRNS files for the new album Thoughts That Move have been released, which you can read more about here. Oh yeah, and of course that means the album has gone fully public and the band will be performing the new songs at future gig dates (lucky for Brisbanites). As stated before, I’m excited for him and think that it’s a good sign of what is yet to emerge.


Read the whole thing here



Frodo’s Ghost


When I found that the electronic music at the end of Guttersnipe and Freesignal was done by their vocalist I endeavored to find out more. It took a while, but eventually I stumble across a web page that Hunz had set up with a bunch of songs : Broken Wings, Kemical, The Flame, Your Still Here, Face I Paint and a few more. That was all I had until, I don’t know how but I found out he had a webpage for a current project.


Further investigation and a few free downloads and I was hooked. So I waited a little because I wanted to get it digitally, but after holding out as long as I could, I figured I’d enjoy a real copy. (side: you can now purchase it online here).


Work was boring when I arrived, but finding the CD meant I took a break and changed the scenery. Down stairs to the lounge, put the CD into an impressive speaker system, then sit back and enjoy the first listen.


I love this part of music. Everything is foreign. Things change expectantly. Vocals appear through broken shards as the beats and bass push air from speakers. I hum, like I know where everything is heading, and stop because it is nothing like I thought. Its surprising and entertaining, and the music is fresh, like a cool breeze on a summers day.


When Victims Fight is like that, a fresh breeze – but more-so in the I’m in a dark room and I need some fresh air, kind of way. The melodys wind around the grubby beats intertwining in an elaborate and endearing way. The album has a way to set a mood and follow it through, the dissonance of the music never seems to resolve


The electronic sounds flare and click while the drums set an uneven beat in the verses. They seem to falter and stumble and it creates an upsetting mood. But when it falls into the chorus it all falls into place, driving beats combine with the atmospheric vocals to really capture the mind.


And on the vocals, I do specifically like the way Hunz uses his voice like an instrument – like the start of the track ‘Hearts On Fire’ – eerie and beautiful – it adds wonderful dimension to the overall sound, and it is something that I really enjoy too.


One reason why I was happy to buy the album is the artwork. Fantastic. I do love the real world objects like CD covers, for some reason getting the album online doesn’t cover that aspect of a purchase. Although it was just a cover, no slip, so it was limited, and a digital purchase would have done. But hey, I have a real copy, which is great.


Overall, I found When Victims Fight to be a CD that fits right when I need music to be right now. It is fresh, and creative. It is moving and captivating. I enjoy this CD and am looking forward to what is to come.


You can read the whole thing at


A Reflection

I’ve had time to sit back and listen over the music I wrote. It happened so fast that I forgot some of the melodies and ideas which is wonderful, it’s like listening to it fresh again. I’m really proud of whats come out. Some of the tunes could have used another month that would have allowed time to work out better verses / choruses or to strip back and really find those great combination’s that help relate the moods a little better. Some of the tunes feel a little over commercial for me which I know personally I sit on this fence of being a bit quirky and understandable which I like but I prefer the quirky over the norm. One thing it really did so unexpectedly was force me to find my style more and help bridge a gap between the album I was working on. It felt so great to use Renoise to put this together too, such a joy to write on a tracker setup again. So over the piano roll outs in music apps these days :P


I personally need to thank Danielle, Mr Mark Dollin and Matthew Gray. Without these people I would never have this album out. And then a big shout out to Rpm for placing me in this awkward situation that bought about some really neat music. Then to everyone for following the journey, so great!


Please hang around as this album will hit in the next few weeks. In the Interim I’ll release the vocal version for my iphone game I worked on “venger”. Thank you.


#Rpm MixingMastering Day28 Switch Off Song4 v4

This song is the mastered version with the ending that people haven’t heard yet. I kept this song exactly the same as the original sketch added some air movement to the toms as they progressed almost turning into snares. Also some kick undertones later on. I didn’t even redo vocal takes as I thought I didn’t want to loose what I created in that night so I left it all as is and just created some swells and an ending with an ultimatum “Yes or No you’ve got nothing left, you’ve got nothing but these two”. This song does have lyrics but I’m going to leave the rest of it up to you.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Switch Off [Song4 Version4]
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin] Day26

  • What a lovely song to finish up the mixing on :) Loving the minimal drum and the spense of space in this one. Listening over a few times….
  • First getting the bass tones right.
  • Now the tom and kick. The drum kit verb is a bit static sounding so I’m making a seperate send for it and putting a phaser before it to liquify things. Tweaking EQs on drums. Checking percussion against the bass: some fine adjustments.
  • EQing all the other melodic instruments. Glitched Piano, Synth 01 and Strings: all with less bass and surgury in the mids. Reversing the pans of the echo send. Panning Synth 01 a fair way left.
  • Now all instruments together adjusting balances. Now with drums. Sounding good.
  • Cleaning samples! Now sending all the vocals to a group send. Adding EQ and a Filter. Addressing bass in the backing vocals. Lowering gate thresholds.
  • Now adding in all the other sounds to the vocals. Fine adjusting some volumes to get it all balanced. Turned the chorus echo into a filtered dubby echo. Panning the harmony vocal a little right.
  • Run out of time, so time for an ear break.
  • Last session with fresh ears. A few more tweaks on vocal settings.
  • Heaphone check: More minor tweaks.
  • Big speakers check: All good! Some minor weirdnesses with the low low subs that might be due to room variables, but I’m happy enough with how low it’s sitting. Time to save and send.
  • RPM mixing done! Go Hunz!

#Rpm Mixing Day19 Song6 v7

I changed the format of this one. I thought going back into the chorus at the end would work. I know, I’m going back to conventions but it, well .. needs it? So now its, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, Outro. Enjoy what Mark has mixed:D


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Song6 Version7
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]


  • Time for a brief early morning mix session. Having a general listen and enjoying the slow chill vibe. Setting up some master channel settings for standard playback.
  • First things first looking at the bass. Putting a High Pass filter on the bass expansion echo, keeping all the low end mono. Adding an EQ to shape the sound. Adding a little dry warmth to the distortion. Adjusting the highpass on the bass atmosphere channel. Nasty little click on the start of pattern 12 – Attempting to fix the problem by automations to replace the switching on the filter. Same issue at pattern 32 fixed.
  • Ok now to the kick. Wow this one is an oddy! Clicking on the second kick fixed with a short instrument envelope. Adjusted the EQ, but may have to check it later.
  • Playing kick and bass together to get sense of balance on the low end. Kick seems a bit flabby and epic so I’m trying a gate on it to make it punch quicker.
  • Now the snare. Feeling a bit too loud and lively so I’m lowering the output on the compressor and squeezing the ratio harder. Taking some low end out of the EQ. Adding a LP Filter to knock some nasties out of the high end.
  • Kick and snare together are feeling a little dull in tone – adding a filter to brighten the tone.
  • Adding the highhat to the mix. Bringing the volume down so it sits inside the kit sound. Fine tuning the EQ. Adding a reversed pan echo to fill the soundstage more.
  • Adding the bass back to the mix and just realised it needs a light chorus on the highs to make the sound ‘travel’ more.
  • This’ll have to do for now – time to go to work!
  • Afternoon session. Starting off with Synth 01. Turning off the left inversion. Adding another short revere-pan delay to make up the width. Adding an EQ to focus the tone.
  • Now for the Rhodes. Cleaning all the samples of clicks. Adding an EQ to focus things a bit, especially reducing tension in the mids.
  • Looking at Synth 02, which is kinda epic and erratic. Again a quick EQ to fix the tone up.
  • Time for the big phat strings! Moving the EQ to after the compressor and adjusting the tone a bit. Checking the Reverb send while I’m here. Adding a filter to reduce the bass, offsetting the pan just a little to the right. Adding a reverse panned delay to fill the width evenly.
  • Now playing all the melodic instruments together to get a feel of how it’s all coming together. Making some minor tone adjustments here and there.
  • Adding the drums to the mix. Bringing up the strings a bit. Squeezing the drum compressor just a little more and adding a limiter to catch stray transients. Listening through a few times.
  • Time to rest the ears and have a break before doing the vocals. Time to walk the dog!
  • Armed with Aktivite I’m ready to tackle the vocals. Listening to all the vocals acapella. There’s some nice ‘voice breaks’ hunz as done here, has a nice emotional tension to it.
  • Sending all the vocals to a group send to apply global edits to them. Adding an EQ to the group to smooth the sound.
  • Bringing up the volume of the first verse vocal.
  • Soloing the backing vocals. Lowering the bass in the EQs.
  • Back to the full vocals to check balances. Adding a filter on the group send to lift the tone of the high end. Mmmm sparkley!
  • Spending some time cleaning the vocal samples…
  • Adjusting the feedback levels on the vocal echos to balance the stereo image a little more.
  • Ready to add the other sounds to the mix, one by one.
  • Vocals feel like they are dominating just a bit. Dropped the group volume by -06dB ;)
  • Bass upper harmonics are feeling like they are competing with Hunz’s voice, so I’m lowering the bass tone a bit.
  • Things are feeling nice and together so it’s time to check on other speakers. First: headphones. Bringing the drums up a touch. Just a touch more off the low end of the vocals.
  • Now to the big speakers in the other room nice and loud! Dropping the chorus vox down a small amount.
  • Back on the main speakers, adding a fadeout on the last pattern. This is sounding right to my ears now. Time to pass it back to The Lord of The RPM.

#Rpm Mixing Day19 Song2 V5

Double post on this one. I have put up what changes I made and then what Mr Mark Dollin did to the mix. Enjoy the extra parts. :D Also, this song will fade out of the last 16bars so also enjoy the VERY, VERY long ending with no fade. Fade-outs happen on the mastering end, so you get to hear everything VERY, very raw. And it’s possible I will ditch the part before the space lead comes in at the end 2:05 – 2:22.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Song2 Version5


Arranging Comments


  • I just wanted to complete something today
  • Listening through Song2
  • Taking on suggestions of doing a long fade
  • I think it needs another something before going back to chorus
  • Hearing some of the verse being sung over the chorus chords
  • Singing them in
  • Changing the bass notes around and bringing in drums from the verse
  • Hearing a counter vocal melody
  • Singing that in
  • Putting a lead into the chorus play out, sounds spacey but apt
  • Going back into the blend from the new bridge chorus
  • It’s working!
  • Going to bring in the counter vocal melody from the bridge into the end chorus
  • Feeling happy with this now.
  • The gate I’ve stuck on the counter melody is bad; changing it.


Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]


  • Listening a few times over and paying attention to the new bits hunz has added.
  • Ok going back to the Kick to give it some TLC, could be further ‘tightened’. Slightly adjusting the EQ to get the subs punching lower so it doesn’t compete with the bass.
  • Re-adjusting the bass EQ just to fine tune things. Warming the distortion settings a bit by adding some dry signal.
  • Quick adjustment on the vocal high end freqs, just a touch brighter.
  • Looking at the ‘I don’t know what to do’ vocal line… Taking a little more out of the low end. Adding a reverse-panned delay to fill the soundstage a bit. Dropping the volume a touch.
  • Now the ‘Space Lead’ that soars in the bridge. Moved the panner back in the chain so the pan position gets caught in the delay send (helps spatiality). Adjusting the EQ to lower the bass and soften the mids a little more. Adding a light squeeze on the compressor to even the dynamics on the rise. Adding a light chorus on the start of the chain to ‘liquefy’ the lead.
  • Listening to the whole mix a few times. Now checking on headphones. Micro adjusting the bass and kick EQ. Now checking on the big speakers nice and loud. Ok! Happy with the balance of everything. Time to quickly get it back to hunz!


You might be sick of that ending by now BUT I am going to ad lib the last chorus over the last 16bars so you get some unique stuff happening. I’ll be doing this as a final pass next week. Not sure if the renoise files will contain this, it might make the file much bigger. I’ll check.


#Rpm Mixing Day16 Song5 V4

So here is another mix from mark for your ears. This song is near complete. I do want to make some minor changes (that’s if I get time). Some involve the over usage of the crash on the accents and some double kicks that are killing the groove for me. Extending the “Go!” movement and some other little things here and there .. That’s about it. Enjoy.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  • Loading mix up: having a few listens to get familiar with the sounds and what the song is doing. Lots of channels! Kinda wish Renoise had colour-coded channels so we can find our way around massive mixes like this. It’s an aggressive mix, but hunz has already done a fantastic job…
  • As always, starting off with the low sounds – so checking the bass. Not much to change so adding a lite EQ to shape the sound. Removing panning envelope from the bass and adding a light vibrato to the instrument. Making up for the ‘flow sound’ by adding a stereo chorus with a mono low end.
  • Now to the kick. Slightly adjusting the EQ. Hmm, the drum reverb is a little stiff sounding so I might add a light pre-phaser. Playing the kick off the bass to check balance. Sounding good.
  • Onto the fat noisy snare. Found the complex chain to make the sound, so I’m adjusting the final EQ.
  • Looking at the high hat line. Adjusting the chorus and adding a wide delay to build spatiality. Bringing down the volume a touch.
  • Checking the Perc Hats. Taking a little more low end out of the sound.
  • Listening to the Perc Snare which is a delightful little glitchy sound. All good.
  • Now to the crashes. Removing some of the intensity out of the mids with an EQ.
  • Playing all the drum sounds together. Panning the glitchy snare a little to the left. Making some minor adjustments here and there. Fine tuning the snare sound. All up it’s a hard industrial like sound, but that’s good because it suits the song.
  • Now onto Synth 01. Adjust the EQ to clear the sound. The ‘width’ of the sound is kinda screwing with my ears (I’m a bit of a ‘fixed pan with ambience’ sort of guy). Oh there’s a panning envelope in the instrument – might leave that be for hunz to consider.
  • Looking at Synth 02. Making the flanger width mono. Adding an EQ to knock out harsh mids.
  • Checking the Strings out. Reversing the delay pans to even out the spatiality. Added EQ.
  • Now to the Sreaming Filter – wow lovely texture here, really industrial. Just adding a Bandpass Filter to knock out some noise from the highs and low end.
  • Playing all the melodic sounds together to see how they gel. Further adjusting the bass EQ.
  • Now adding all the percussion to the mix to see how that balances with the melodic sounds. Upping the ratio on the drum compressor to tighten it a bit. Bringing up the bridge synth a bit. High hat need some reverse pan delay on it to balance the width.
  • Ok all sounding workable, might be time to rest the ears and walk Max ;)
  • Time for a short session, so it may be good to begin cleaning the vocal samples. The usual top and tail fades etc.
  • Playing all the vocal parts together acapella. Lovely harmonies!
  • Some distortion on the chorus vocal – and hunz has planned the is an intensity effect like old tube mic performances. Might try to warm that up a bit – adjusted the tone and distortion type.
  • As with the other songs I’m sending all the vocal sounds to a master send to do group processing over the entire vocal sound. Set up an EQ but I can to stop early due to rehearsals being shifted early.
  • Back to it! Shaping an EQ for the vocals. Adjusting the volume of the chorus vocal. Adding a master filter to the vocals to brighten the tone a bit.
  • Turning off the main vox to just hear the backing vocals. Doing some subtle changes to the backing vox to make sure there’s no low end interference.
  • Time to play the whole mix! Listening through a few times… Upped the entire vocal my just a few tiny pixels… ;)
  • Things are sounding complete, so time to check on headphones. Just discovered the verse vocal is inverted L-R! Hmm, I kinda prefer it mono, but hunz may have wanted it that way for a reason. I’ll settle with mono for now and hunz can switch it back if he so wishes. Just discovered the bridge vocal is the same. Hmmm… A solution is needed. Ok added a stereo chorus that hopefully covers the task for both vocal parts.
  • Switching back to speakers. Things a feeling right, but it’s getting late so I may have to do a final check on the morrow.
  • Fresh early morning session: Time to play it really loud! Put a master fade on the outro of the song to return the audio to zero.
  • Checked the mix on the big speakers in another room. Everything sounds like where it should be.
  • Saving, and done! Time to pass back to hunz.

#Rpm Mixing Day14 Song2 v04

Mark has been doing an incredible job with mixing these tracks. Thank you so much mark have a listen to what he did with this one, it’s just so great!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


  • Loading song, listening to the whole mix a few times to understand the sound. Already smooth and lush! Lovely music to listen to! Some really good echo fx in this one!
  • Adjusting master gain settings for standard playback volume.
  • Starting off with getting the bass right. Adding reductive EQ. Taking the panning off the bass samples to focus it mono, and adding a chorus to give the bass harmonics width and expression.
  • Onto the Kick: Adjusting EQ. Adding a LP Filter to the drum chain. Checking bass and kick together and making some fine adjustments.
  • Checking the snares. Adding an EQ.
  • Checking the hats. Adjusting the EQ. Adding a bit of delay for width.
  • Looking at the noise snare. Adding a LP Filter on the reverb. Adjusting the EQ to focus the tone. Adding a LP Filter post the distortion to knock out the nasty extreme highs.
  • Looking at the extra noise percussions. Hunz is a noisy lad on this one! Added a filter and EQ to focus the sound. Added a reverse echo to thicken the width.
  • Shaking up the shakers: Adding an EQ to smooth them a bit.
  • Playing all the percussion together. Making some minor adjustments to here and there to get it all punch nicely. Adding a filter over the whole lot to lift the tone a bit.
  • Onto the Lead synth, Wow some cool sci-fi sirens here. Adjusting EQ. Adding a filter on the echo.
  • Now to the Rough Synth. Adding an EQ to smooth the sound a bit.
  • Looking at the the arp synth. Adding an EQ to shape the sound, taking out the lows and little bit of the mids.
  • Now playing all the melodic instruments together to get a sense of cohesion. Fine tuning some EQ settings. Sounding nice.
  • Now adding all the percussion to the melodic sounds. Drums aren’t punching quite right. Bringing the shakers down. Adding a limiter to the hats to make them behave. Bringing the snare sounds up a little. Bringing the kick up a touch. Adjusting the synth’s panning wider to fill the sound stage more.
  • Feeling like the chip sounds are a little ‘stiff’ sounding so I’ve added a very very light internal vibrator to instrument 4, 5 and 6. If this bugs hunz he can easily turn it off later.
  • Now to the vocals: listening to them as a whole group acapella. Echoes are very beautiful, but I might added a filter to roll some of the tops off within the echo part.
  • Adding all the vocal parts to a send group to do global processing. Adding an EQ to filter the vocals. Sounding good! Time to have a little break for lunch and let ears have a rest…
  • Ok a new session. Checking vocals. Hearing some clicks here and there, so it may be time to clean the vocal samples.
  • Addressing some clicks causes by fx switches on the vocals. All fixed.
  • Now to listen to the whole mix to check the balances.
  • Adjusting the kick EQ again, list a little.
  • Automating a little fade of the very first synth to fix a little attack issue.
  • Vocals are disappearing a little within all the detail so I might try to lift their tone a bit. Added a filter to emphasise the vocal highs.
  • Things are sounding ok on my main speaker so it’s time to check on some other speakers. First: my headphones.
  • Some of the background vocals are feeling a little too bassy: adjusted EQs.
  • The first little bridge has a ‘talky bass’ that gets too dynamic at points. Fixed with a few volume commands.
  • Second verse has a lead instrument that gets a bit too dominant for a bit. Addressed with some volume automation on the post-compressor.
  • Switching back to main speakers. Listening a few times just enjoying the music!
  • Trying out a little gating idea on the end of the bridge to emphasise a pause. Got it to dive down nice and sharp. It’s bordering on an artistic choice, so I’ll let hunz decide if he’d like to keep it or not.
  • Tried the mix on a big set of speakers loud in another room. Sounds pretty good, but the vocal could do with a touch off the low end. Adjusted that.
  • One last check on the main speakers. Ok, happy with what is going on here. Time to pass it back!