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Hunz presents 7bithero at Mana Bar on Thu, 07 Oct 10

Valley Fiesta Pocket Music at Mana Bar (ft. cTrix, Derris-Kharlan, hunz, Dot.AY and more)


Youtube Link here


Here is a little snippet of what went down on Saturday night. I had an awesome night :P . I got to meet people who are passionate about computer music and then hear their wonderful tones that came from old hardware (gameboys and amiga’s). Thanks for this quick capture of the night 10k. Very awesome :D .


You can hear a little snippet of my upcoming track from 7bit hero in this wrap up. The song is called “Level 01 – Cat and Bird wake up Boy. Computer can’t sing.”


Valley Fiesta Pocket Music animated Flyer (with Octopus & City Destruction!!)


Youtube Link here


We are doing a hunz presents 7bit hero show at the valley fiesta pocket music. I had the privilege of doing the poster art for this one and then got a crazy idea to animate this one as well. Hope you guys enjoy it. I would love to send a big /hug out to my wife and ivmotion crew for help on this one. Thank you Manabar and Valley Fiesta for supporting the crazyness of the chip music scene. Oh don’t forget to come to this show too :D


Here is the artwork.



Did I mention that 7bit hero is turning into an Ep?


It’s on the youtube.

Dot.Ay did a wonderful pixel mash up of my song “you said hello”. He didn’t know it but I’ve been working on doing the theme tune from Dinosaucers but the guys from the band think it’s lame. Who’s lame now? huh? huh??



Hunz welcomes Dot.ay

A small change has been made to the line up of my cd launch. We have asked local Chiptune artist Dot.ay to join us on the night. He is awesome. He uses old school gameboy’s to bring about a unique sound.

One geek against the world Dot.A.Y is Alex Yabsley/////////// The lo-fi sound of Dot.AY is influenced by Nintendo and the worlds Chiptune community, as well as the angst of noise and circuit bending………………….. Alex Yabsley also writes electro-acoustic sonic art, sound design for films and has various other musical projects in the works.////////// He likes cute pixelated violence and thats what he sounds like//// . . . . . . . = = = = = = = = = =

Hunz 28th of May @ The Troubadour

Hunz Cd Launch 28th May @ The Troubadour

Hunz 28th of May @ The Troubadour

Hunz 28th of May @ The Troubadour

Show Recap : Connect Four

So those of you that didn’t make it to last week show. Shame one you! Wow, i am still STILL buzz’n. It was packed to the max and people created until their little fingers dropped off. What was the idea behind C4? It’s art and music shaking hands, together at last.

I had one crash last night, during the final song. It happened twice. 1st time was a buffer glitch which I’m still trying to figure out. Is it my Sound card or is it Ableton? I just don’t know and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m going to do a clean install with Vista, my machines was made for vista and I’ve hacked the drivers to work in XP so maybe that’s it. The 2nd time I stomped on the firewire cable and the guys in the band kept playing and I picked up the live mic and sung the last tune out. Blair that sound guy ran to the desk and added fx on the vocals before the tune ended. It was raw. LOVED IT.

Dot.ay was the highlight for me. He uses 2 x GameBoys and 1 x Nintendo DS to bring about his sound. It is more Hardcore dance music in tone but he layers it with cuteness that it pushes it to a place I havn’t heard.

If you want to see what went down, took photo’s and has blogged about it.
HB Art also has these awesome pictures to share HB Art Flickr Set
And Check out this blog space about it Lime – diary of a fruit
Will announce another show very shortly :D

Hunz @ Press Club

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