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Rage makes us indie clip of the week

rage logo


I love rage. I Watched it growing up and I just love how they have shown Hunz such support by picking up our Single “I Get Chills”. Thank you!


You can also watch the clip on iview, that means even on your PS3
Rage on iview

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Video Clip is out for “I Get Chills”


It’s been a long time coming but here is my 1st ever video clip and it’s for my new song “I get chills”.
I’ll point you over to Who the hell and later this week go into more details with who was involved but for now enjoy!

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hunz at Metro Arts on Fri, 16 Sep 11

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365 albums a year review


Thank you 365 albums a year for listening and reviewing my album “Thoughts that move”


365 albums a year


. . . A full time artist may not be anything new at this day and age, but a multi-discipline artist seems to be less common at the music industry’s higher level. It is artists like Hunz that reinvigorate the undergroung music scene. That having been said, Hunz’s Thoughts That Move is a bold accomplishment for the burst of artistic expression it is.


Read the whole thing here

Drew L


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I Get Chills – My new single


People have described it as “Crunchy and Loud” and I am really proud of it. It is a song about confronting apathy. The album cover is a still frame from the unreleased video clip that will feature some of my own Creative, Vfx and Animation work. I have received help from some very talented and awesome people that have donated their time and energy into my clip, which has been very humbling, and I can’t wait to show you it when it’s done.


Until then (I have to get back to working on it :P ), Enjoy the new track. (and it’s only 2bucks)


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A Baby is dancing to my music. Oh yeah!

Click here to see


I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw this! In the words of clap trap from borderlands “Look at me, I’m dancing .. I’m dancing!”.


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New single launch | X&Y Bar | 30thJuly


Hunz @ X&Y bar
I Get Chills | New Single Launch


Playing With
The Slow Push
Almaryse & the frill of the fight
The Khanz


We will be playing a lot of new material. The single will be launched digitally on the night and we are playing with some of our favourite bands/friends. I can’t wait to do this show and there will be one more surprise!


more details

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hunz at Lightspace on Fri, 24 Jun 11

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Music and Geekery Panel @ Unconvention 2011

Unconvention 2011


I’ve been asked to speak on the Music and Geekery panel at Unconvention this year. I’ll be talking about my side project “7bit Hero” and really hope it’ll be well received. It’s been nearly a whole year since I started working on 7bit hero and there is still months worth of work ahead of me but man is it going to be worth it.


You can read more below, which also hints and what I’ve been working on with 7bit hero.


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New Music – Scott Spark Reworking


Hunz Rework of Scott Spark’s What is in a world


Scott spark asked me to do a remix of one of his wonderful tracks called “What is in a world”. I asked very nicely if I could do a reworking, which is the way I love to do mixes, and he agreed – Thank you Scott. It really was a pleasure to work on this track and push into a sound that I am hoping hunz will occupy more when we release new music. It’s a free to download so please enjoy.


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