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Live photos

Had some amazing photo’s taken at our show by the awesome JonasMcq. He just captured the passion in the show. Thank you Jonas!


Photos of Hunz at the Zoo



hunz at The Zoo on Thu, 10 Feb 11

hunz at X and Y bar on Wed, 19 Jan 11

hunz at X & Y Bar on Sat, 18 Dec 10

hunz at The Club House on Sat, 16 Oct 10

Hunz presents 7bithero at Mana Bar on Thu, 07 Oct 10

Playing with one of my Favorite Bands!


There are a few bands around Brisbane that I love and Re:Enactment is one of them. They asked me if I would be interested in playing with them as they launched their EP and luckily I could do the show!!. The show is this Saturday night at the Troubadour and I urge you to book tickets online before this show sells out (which you can do here.)


Show them some facebook likes here.


The line up for the show is something else too and you can find more info here.


Webcuts Hifi review


Really strong review from Webcuts of our performance at the HiFi with Hazards. Thank you!


Rave Magazine Live Show Review


Bris Bounty: Hunz, Maps, Lion Island, Hazards


. . . Credit to Hunz, essentially vocalist/keyboardist Hans van Vliet joined live by Phil Evans on bass and Richie Young on drums, who perform like it’s a full house of a thousand punters. Hunz’ glitch-pop is heavy on percussion featuring electronic drum pads, acoustic drums and drum programming, along with keyboards from the Martin Gore school of moody synth lines. With the rally against consumerism of “Soon Soon” comparisons to Thom Yorke are inevitable, with both sharing a high register vocal range and the bleeps and syncopated beats are similar to those of Eraser. The set ends with “You Said Hello” which sees a more playful, funky side of Hunz and has Hans severing his ties to his keyboard to get into the groove and relish the frontman role . . .


Read the whole thing here



hunz at Ric’s on Sun, 12 Sep 10

hunz at The Troubadour on Sat, 18 Sep 10