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Webcuts Hifi review


Really strong review from Webcuts of our performance at the HiFi with Hazards. Thank you!


Rave Magazine Live Show Review


Bris Bounty: Hunz, Maps, Lion Island, Hazards


. . . Credit to Hunz, essentially vocalist/keyboardist Hans van Vliet joined live by Phil Evans on bass and Richie Young on drums, who perform like it’s a full house of a thousand punters. Hunz’ glitch-pop is heavy on percussion featuring electronic drum pads, acoustic drums and drum programming, along with keyboards from the Martin Gore school of moody synth lines. With the rally against consumerism of “Soon Soon” comparisons to Thom Yorke are inevitable, with both sharing a high register vocal range and the bleeps and syncopated beats are similar to those of Eraser. The set ends with “You Said Hello” which sees a more playful, funky side of Hunz and has Hans severing his ties to his keyboard to get into the groove and relish the frontman role . . .


Read the whole thing here



Animated gig poster


Youtube Link here


Phil, the bass player, and I usually do posters together. I supply the artwork and he does such incredible work on the typography and pulling the look together (thanks phil). Recently we’ve been bumping a certain look through the posters that we’ve been loving which you can see here. Over the weekend however phil put the whole poster together for the up and coming Ric’s Bar show that is happening during the Valley Fiesta. I was so inspired by the poster I had to animate it.


Here is the wonderful artwork phil did up.



In the video you can hear a new track we are working on. So that means New hunz music coming soon. (and no it’s not 7bit stuff either :P )


Hunz live at the The Hi-Fi Bris

youtube link here


We had an awesome show at The Hi-Fi Bris the other night and we were lucky enough to have NiteShok video a few of the songs. If you didn’t make it out you can now hear and watch us perform some of the set. A big thank you to The Hazards of Swimming Naked for having us along, Niteshok for filming this and The Staff at The Hi-Fi Bris very VERY awesome!



Real-time video clip for song “All falls down”


Some of you might know the history of where “hunz” came from. For those that don’t Hunz was my handle for writing music in the demo scene. The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills. (wiki).


I was involed with serveral demo groups, growing up, that put out a few real-time demos but I’ve never had my music used in a demo being presenting at a party. That is until now. Smash approached me about a week ago to see if he could use my music in a demo he was preparing to enter into Assembly 2010. So I did a remixed version of “All falls down” that helped give a better sense of matching the visual aesthetic.


Why is this amazing? Well this runs in real-time on your pc. Think of it as a video game that pushes your machine past the point of fuctioning. It does require Windows and DX9 and a nvidia g260 or better and you can download the file here (80megs). Then extract the contents and run the demo at your screen res to really enjoy the visual wonder of it all.


A very big thank you too Carillon & Cyberaid, Fairlight, Smash, Dstop and Louie500. Thank you for putting in the long hours to put this together. I feel like I got the easy part.


I am amazed and I thank you again.


Also watch out for my soon to be announced chip tune album “7bit hero”. So soon. click here


One Life Left play’n ma chiptoons

One Life Left


Boy Walks Girl To Work And Is Followed By A Ghost was played on Radio in London on a show called “One Life Left”. Here is a short blurb about the radio station :


“Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes. Take that, The Man because now, somewhere over seventy-five episodes later, it’s in its Sixth season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows. Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.”


You can download the Podcast here and it’s also on the itunes here it is s06e02 and I’m about 17mins into the cast but it is worth a listen to the whole thing. I’m so glad shows like this are around. It is a very exciting time! Thank you One Life Left!


Do you know that the release of 7bit Hero is going to happen soon?


New Music [Level 3 - Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost]

<a href="">Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost. by .hnz (aka hunz)</a>


Announcing the track “Level 3 – Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost” from my upcoming chiptune album called “7bit Hero” written by my alias .hnz


You can hear me talk about this album live on 4zzz this Wednesday night (30th of June) from 6PM (UTC + 10) on ZEDGAMES.
Link Here


Then see me perform the whole album for the 1st time at The Mana Bar (1st of July) from 8pm.
Link Here


That’s all I’m saying for now, but please enjoy this free track. I’ve had so much fun making this album. I can’t wait to announce the release date of this.


Music used in a Documentary

I recently got contacted to have my music used on a Documentary. The Documentary is about the Buddha Festival here in Brisbane. I wish the best for the team involved and many thanks for using my music! Enjoy.



Youtube link here


Videos from Skinny Jean show

For those of you that couldn’t make it out to the Skinny jean show where they asked me to perform one of their songs “A blessing” and did a cover of “Soon, Soon”. Well you are in luck. Niteshok was there and filmed the 2 songs and has been kind enough to share it with everyone. A big thank you to the skinny jean guys for allowing me to sing their tune. It’s things like this that makes what you do all worth while!


A Blessing


Soon, Soon


You Said Hello on Microsoft Surface

One of the best things about releasing your work for free and available in a format that includes all the note data is people in the community who express themselves in mathematics can do things like this. I watched it a few times and was just struck by it all. Thank you Justin.



Justin Says “Lightwell can best be thought of as “pong meets rock band”, as it is a multiplayer rhythm game that gives each player a different track of the song. Players play the song by moving shuttles around the outside of the central ring and reflecting lighted blips back to the center. So long as a player continues to successfully reflect these blips, the track continues to play. This was the final project for my multitouch computing class.”


Also check out his music psycliq


Amazing Hunz Remixes by Sefiros

<a href="">It&#8217;s So Light (Sefiros Remix) by Sefiros</a>


Here are some more remixes that have completely blown me away. They are for “In Tomorrow” and “It’s so Light”. Thank you so much Sefiros for taking your valuable time and creating something that enhances the emotions of the tracks. He takes familiar phrases and vocals from the tracks and creates something that is between a ambient sound scape and something pop. It really is a perfect meld of our 2 styles. Please check out his albums and thank him if you get the time. Click here for his page