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Amazing Hunz Remixes by Sefiros

<a href="">It&#8217;s So Light (Sefiros Remix) by Sefiros</a>


Here are some more remixes that have completely blown me away. They are for “In Tomorrow” and “It’s so Light”. Thank you so much Sefiros for taking your valuable time and creating something that enhances the emotions of the tracks. He takes familiar phrases and vocals from the tracks and creates something that is between a ambient sound scape and something pop. It really is a perfect meld of our 2 styles. Please check out his albums and thank him if you get the time. Click here for his page


Remixta Episode 8: March 2010

Remixta is a Renoise podcast that features renoise only created music, funny enough :P . This podcast included “You Said Hello”. I havn’t had a chance to listen to the Podcast yet but I know what I’ll be putting on in the office this morning. Please enjoy! Thank you Remixta.


“The Commotion” Remixed

I can’t believe the amount of fan generated remixes that have happened for my last album, Thoughts that Move. This one really show cases a new direction in carefully controlled distortion which really pumps more energy into the track. Really fantastic work. Also note the video clip that runs with it. Some amazing old footage that really works a treat with the song. I can’t tell you how in awe I am. Thank you Extraneous Vapor


<a href="">Calm Frozen by Extraneous Vapor</a>



“You Said Hello” Remix by Sleeperspaceborn

If you, like me, have been enjoying the amazing remixes from Sleeperspaceborn then here is another one! He reinvents the feeling in the song and puts his own personal twist on it. This is one of my Favorite remixes. Thank you again Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">you said hello (hunz rmx) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


Soon, Soon Remix by MMD

Mr Mark Dollin, the guy that mixed my last album, has done a very awesome remix of the song “Soon, Soon”. My favorite type of remixes are ones that take the existing work and build on it to take it out of it’s comfort zone. You can hear wonderful echo’s of the original song through it. Great work MMD!


Pleading with Ghosts


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


More Remix announcements to come.


Lost Demo Track Found and Released.

<a href="">Borderline by hunz</a>


This demo track was written at least five years ago, but I thought it was lost in a hard drive crash. Recently I was on a roadtrip with friends in the USA, and we were listening to their ipod on shuffle in their car. Somewhere along the journey, this track popped on, and I laughed and cried a little. Turns out I had emailed it, so it wasn’t gone forever. I love moments like that in life. Thank you, Nate.


Please note this track was only supplied as a 128kps file. It was written completely on buzz with a Shure sm58 mic (no compressor) and mixed in headphones. I may one day return and re-write this track but I feel like I need to move on. Also note that you don’t have to pay for the track to download it. Just put in “0″. If you wanted to throw a few bucks my way then you are more then welcome too ^_^


Hope you enjoy.


“On Me” Remix

<a href="">on me (hunz) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


Back in 1999 I released a song called “On Me”. So 10 years later sleeperspaceborn decides to remix it and inject some more life into the track. A big thank you to Ssb for doing 3 remix’s of my tracks. I don’t think I can thank you enough. Something about a good remix makes you feel very special .. :D


So if you’ve never heard the original here it is. I converted it over to .mp3 so you can listen to it and get a feel for what I was writing in 1999. I think my face is about to flush a bright red with embarrassment but I’m ok with that .. O_o


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


“The Messenger” – Remixed by Sleeperspaceborn

Sleeperspaceborn has done another wonderful remix of one of my tunes. Such a wonderful talent and I feel honored that we would consider my work. I love how this song plays out and it has a lot of depth and variety to it all. I’m such a sucker for around 4:59 onwards .. hehe. Thank you so much Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">messenger (hunz remix) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


New Album is out now, it’s free!

[cue angel sample + oooo choir] “thoughts that move” is now available! It comes in a few flavors as well. You can jump right here and have a look, Click the top album cover or read more about it below.

Physical CD
After we put the poll up it was apparent that a lot of people would love a physical copy of the CD. So we went about and found a place to put this together. I think it’s come up really well and has the right balance. We managed to get the CD down to $10 (AUD) and I’m very proud of that.

Digital Download
It’s free and you can grab it right now. I love the Digital age, sure it’s scary, but the way you can help out is by telling people about my music and passing it around. It’s free!!

Renoise Files
I wouldn’t be anything without the demo scene. I really loved it when an artist would release their work in a raw format. I loved going through them all and just learning. I hope these renoise files help some people out ^_^. is hosting the files for this. A BIG thank you to the team. Renoise is one of the most exciting things I’ve used in a long time.

February 2009 housed 28 days. That’s 672 hours for potential productivity, but far less when working around employment and social commitments. This time constraint make the conditions surrounding the release of Hunz’s second album all the more remarkable.

“Thoughts That Move” was conceived, written, performed and produced by Brisbane independent electronic artist Hunz ( throughout the month of February 2009. It’s Hunz’s contribution to a worldwide contest known as the RPM Challenge (, which saw over 2,200 bands commit to releasing an album of original music within those 28 days. Those 672 hours.

These ten tracks find Hunz tightening his grip on a peerless pop sound that hints at dark electronica undertones, while never misplacing his outstanding melodic sensibilities. In a similar manner to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails offering the GarageBand source files used to compose his music, Hunz is simultaneously releasing “Thoughts That Move” in the Renoise format that contains the core components of each electronic composition.

“Thoughts That Move” is the sound of Hunz evolving the themes explored on his 2008 debut, “When Victims Fight”. First single “You Said Hello” skillfully contrasts sinister verses with an uplifting chorus, while “Car In The Meadow” will be accompanied by an intriguing animated video later in 2009. On stage, Hunz collaborates with bassist Phil Evans and drummer Richie Young on his devoted journey to the frail heart of pop music.

“It is neither forced experimentation nor a complex concept which holds these emotionally bipolar pieces together but the simple, yet hypnotically crafted rhythm of verse and chorus, as well as a voice capable of expressing discreet ecstasy and uncliched pain.” (“When Victims Fight” album review, March 2009)

“Backed by a powerhouse rhythm section, the soul man/laptop wizard gives a glimpse of what Pivot could have sounded like if Richard Pike sang conventional lyrics; his expansive range, in-song vocal loops and sheer passion make for one memorable opening slot.” (Live review, January 2009)

“Hunz augments electronic samples with his unique voice and live drum and bass to produce an enchanting sound. Why haven’t we heard him earlier? Blame ineffective promotion, blame infrequent performances; it doesn’t matter, as there’s several dozen new fans appreciating the trio’s thoughtful, restrained pieces.” (Live review, November 2008)

I REALLY hope you enjoy this release. I had a lot of fun making this and if it wasn’t for Danielle none of this would have happened. thank you.

“Let’s Wake up the Dead” on

<a href="">Let&#8217;s Wake up the Dead by hunz</a>

If you enjoyed this tune then you can enjoy this in any format you see fit. Try it. It really works. Thank you bandcamp.