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New Remix Track – Mr Maps | Cover you head


Mr Maps is an amazing band and when I was asked if I wanted to do a remix of one of their tracks I couldn’t pass it up. I added vocals and took 2 of the basic structures from the song to create a more “hunz” sounding track. I am especially proud of the build up when I sing “I can’t leave us, I can’t leave us now”. Thank you Mr Maps for allowing so many people to mess up your inspiring work.


I Get Chills – My new single


People have described it as “Crunchy and Loud” and I am really proud of it. It is a song about confronting apathy. The album cover is a still frame from the unreleased video clip that will feature some of my own Creative, Vfx and Animation work. I have received help from some very talented and awesome people that have donated their time and energy into my clip, which has been very humbling, and I can’t wait to show you it when it’s done.


Until then (I have to get back to working on it :P ), Enjoy the new track. (and it’s only 2bucks)


New Music – Scott Spark Reworking


Hunz Rework of Scott Spark’s What is in a world


Scott spark asked me to do a remix of one of his wonderful tracks called “What is in a world”. I asked very nicely if I could do a reworking, which is the way I love to do mixes, and he agreed – Thank you Scott. It really was a pleasure to work on this track and push into a sound that I am hoping hunz will occupy more when we release new music. It’s a free to download so please enjoy.


I won best soundtrack.


I’ve been in the demo scene for a long time. I remember when I watched demos on my amiga that I had downloaded from BBS’s (this is pre-internet) and learning about the demo parties that happened each year where coders, musicians and gfx artist competed to see who could push things further then those before them. It was awesome in my eyes, really awesome. For me there where 2 musicians that inspired my love for tracking one was 4mat and the other was Moby (no not that newage hippy, whom I also like) but the scener. Thank you 4mat and Moby for inspiring me to start writing tracker music in the scene because I wouldn’t have the sound I have today if it wasn’t for that.


Although this is a different mix of the track here is the original of the song that won best soundtrack. If you feel the need to support what I do then purchasing this will help. Listen and purchase – All falls down. A little about this track, I wrote this all in Buzz and mixed it all down in Cubase. This was first written on piano and then played into buzz, I rarely do it in that order but it gave it a different feel.



Later this year I will be releasing a chiptune sounding album on renoise (and digital download) as I pay my respects to the original demoscene. This will be released under the side project 7bitHero. I’m really excited about this project as I want to bring the demoscene sounding music into the mainstream. It has always been my passion to get this music out there and heard. There are just so many better artists in the demoscene then myself and I would really love to see them more recognized.


Thank you and everyone in the demoscene. I am honoured.


My Cover of Astroboy [On Soundcrane supporting Japan]


I love Japan. I grew up watching a lot of cartoons that were over dubbed for English consumption. I later became more fascinated by the culture when I took Japanese language studies at school. That also led to my first experience of sushi. These few imprints planted a deep love for the place.


A few weeks back, when those images started rolling in, when the earthquake and tsunami hit, my heart broke for the country. I was totally silenced. It was one of those cases where it is too much to take in. I’ve been praying for Japan and it’s speedy recovery ever since.


A few days after that event I was contacted by Chris Perren (Mr.Maps) and he wanted to put together a Japanese covers album. He has asked local artists to cover famous Japanese songs and then the proceeds from all sales go to raising money for the disaster. It is a fantastic idea as you feel so helpless over here and wonder what you can do to help out and with this small project we can.


I reconstructed the happy theme tune from “Astro Boy” as it was one of my all time favourite shows growing up. I merged it with some sweet J-Pop sounds and then created a new take on the tune. It’s an amazingly eclectic album and purchasing this will help raise money for Japan. I’ll post more about this track later but for now enjoy the heart that everyone has put into this! If you want to just listen to my song only press play below.



Big thanks to Chris Perren from Mr.Maps on this project.


Playing with one of my Favorite Bands!


There are a few bands around Brisbane that I love and Re:Enactment is one of them. They asked me if I would be interested in playing with them as they launched their EP and luckily I could do the show!!. The show is this Saturday night at the Troubadour and I urge you to book tickets online before this show sells out (which you can do here.)


Show them some facebook likes here.


The line up for the show is something else too and you can find more info here.


Webcuts Hifi review


Really strong review from Webcuts of our performance at the HiFi with Hazards. Thank you!


Rave Magazine Live Show Review


Bris Bounty: Hunz, Maps, Lion Island, Hazards


. . . Credit to Hunz, essentially vocalist/keyboardist Hans van Vliet joined live by Phil Evans on bass and Richie Young on drums, who perform like it’s a full house of a thousand punters. Hunz’ glitch-pop is heavy on percussion featuring electronic drum pads, acoustic drums and drum programming, along with keyboards from the Martin Gore school of moody synth lines. With the rally against consumerism of “Soon Soon” comparisons to Thom Yorke are inevitable, with both sharing a high register vocal range and the bleeps and syncopated beats are similar to those of Eraser. The set ends with “You Said Hello” which sees a more playful, funky side of Hunz and has Hans severing his ties to his keyboard to get into the groove and relish the frontman role . . .


Read the whole thing here



Real-time video clip for song “All falls down”


Some of you might know the history of where “hunz” came from. For those that don’t Hunz was my handle for writing music in the demo scene. The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills. (wiki).


I was involed with serveral demo groups, growing up, that put out a few real-time demos but I’ve never had my music used in a demo being presenting at a party. That is until now. Smash approached me about a week ago to see if he could use my music in a demo he was preparing to enter into Assembly 2010. So I did a remixed version of “All falls down” that helped give a better sense of matching the visual aesthetic.


Why is this amazing? Well this runs in real-time on your pc. Think of it as a video game that pushes your machine past the point of fuctioning. It does require Windows and DX9 and a nvidia g260 or better and you can download the file here (80megs). Then extract the contents and run the demo at your screen res to really enjoy the visual wonder of it all.


A very big thank you too Carillon & Cyberaid, Fairlight, Smash, Dstop and Louie500. Thank you for putting in the long hours to put this together. I feel like I got the easy part.


I am amazed and I thank you again.


Also watch out for my soon to be announced chip tune album “7bit hero”. So soon. click here


One Life Left play’n ma chiptoons

One Life Left


Boy Walks Girl To Work And Is Followed By A Ghost was played on Radio in London on a show called “One Life Left”. Here is a short blurb about the radio station :


“Commissioned by London’s award-winning Resonance 104.4 FM in early 2006, One Life Left was only meant to run for six episodes. Take that, The Man because now, somewhere over seventy-five episodes later, it’s in its Sixth season and grown from humbling, terrified, fumbling beginnings into one of the station’s most valued shows. Take THAT, The Man. Also take that, British radio standards.”


You can download the Podcast here and it’s also on the itunes here it is s06e02 and I’m about 17mins into the cast but it is worth a listen to the whole thing. I’m so glad shows like this are around. It is a very exciting time! Thank you One Life Left!


Do you know that the release of 7bit Hero is going to happen soon?


New Music [Level 3 - Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost]

<a href="">Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost. by .hnz (aka hunz)</a>


Announcing the track “Level 3 – Boy Walks Girl to Work and is Followed by a Ghost” from my upcoming chiptune album called “7bit Hero” written by my alias .hnz


You can hear me talk about this album live on 4zzz this Wednesday night (30th of June) from 6PM (UTC + 10) on ZEDGAMES.
Link Here


Then see me perform the whole album for the 1st time at The Mana Bar (1st of July) from 8pm.
Link Here


That’s all I’m saying for now, but please enjoy this free track. I’ve had so much fun making this album. I can’t wait to announce the release date of this.