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Video Clip is out for “I Get Chills”


It’s been a long time coming but here is my 1st ever video clip and it’s for my new song “I get chills”.
I’ll point you over to Who the hell and later this week go into more details with who was involved but for now enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Video Clip is out for “I Get Chills””

  1. Roma Loom Says:

    Weird, but soon gets pretty amazing.

  2. Fredji Says:

    Great video and song Hunz! Job well done!

  3. Valet2 Says:

    Very interested in making-of footage! I thought everyone will ask and you will upload photos, videos and tell hot it were made. And where did you get all these people with equipment and experience.

  4. Paul Says:

    Unbelievably great clip Hunz! Congrats to all involved in its production.

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