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My Cover of Astroboy [On Soundcrane supporting Japan]


I love Japan. I grew up watching a lot of cartoons that were over dubbed for English consumption. I later became more fascinated by the culture when I took Japanese language studies at school. That also led to my first experience of sushi. These few imprints planted a deep love for the place.


A few weeks back, when those images started rolling in, when the earthquake and tsunami hit, my heart broke for the country. I was totally silenced. It was one of those cases where it is too much to take in. I’ve been praying for Japan and it’s speedy recovery ever since.


A few days after that event I was contacted by Chris Perren (Mr.Maps) and he wanted to put together a Japanese covers album. He has asked local artists to cover famous Japanese songs and then the proceeds from all sales go to raising money for the disaster. It is a fantastic idea as you feel so helpless over here and wonder what you can do to help out and with this small project we can.


I reconstructed the happy theme tune from “Astro Boy” as it was one of my all time favourite shows growing up. I merged it with some sweet J-Pop sounds and then created a new take on the tune. It’s an amazingly eclectic album and purchasing this will help raise money for Japan. I’ll post more about this track later but for now enjoy the heart that everyone has put into this! If you want to just listen to my song only press play below.



Big thanks to Chris Perren from Mr.Maps on this project.


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3 Responses to “My Cover of Astroboy [On Soundcrane supporting Japan]”

  1. Katsuya Nitta Says:

    thanks, my spirits rose.

  2. goroemon Says:

    It is really Thank you, Sendai, Miyagi-Pref

  3. Helen Foley Says:

    I love this guys! Sooo happy. Its fair to say that the great memories of Astro Boy are not just for the kids but for us parents too. To me, it spells, contented boys not fighting and watching something that I can identify with being about good reigning over evil. Certainly stirs the good vibes! Thanks and all the best with this project.

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