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I won best soundtrack.


I’ve been in the demo scene for a long time. I remember when I watched demos on my amiga that I had downloaded from BBS’s (this is pre-internet) and learning about the demo parties that happened each year where coders, musicians and gfx artist competed to see who could push things further then those before them. It was awesome in my eyes, really awesome. For me there where 2 musicians that inspired my love for tracking one was 4mat and the other was Moby (no not that newage hippy, whom I also like) but the scener. Thank you 4mat and Moby for inspiring me to start writing tracker music in the scene because I wouldn’t have the sound I have today if it wasn’t for that.


Although this is a different mix of the track here is the original of the song that won best soundtrack. If you feel the need to support what I do then purchasing this will help. Listen and purchase – All falls down. A little about this track, I wrote this all in Buzz and mixed it all down in Cubase. This was first written on piano and then played into buzz, I rarely do it in that order but it gave it a different feel.



Later this year I will be releasing a chiptune sounding album on renoise (and digital download) as I pay my respects to the original demoscene. This will be released under the side project 7bitHero. I’m really excited about this project as I want to bring the demoscene sounding music into the mainstream. It has always been my passion to get this music out there and heard. There are just so many better artists in the demoscene then myself and I would really love to see them more recognized.


Thank you and everyone in the demoscene. I am honoured.


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3 Responses to “I won best soundtrack.”

  1. Justin Says:

    Congratulations! It’s well deserved, and I can’t wait to hear all of 7bit hero! You know, you’re rubbing off on me. I’m thinking of even releasing the chiptuney soundtrack to the goofy little Facebook game I’m working on, ReNoise files and all. :)

  2. keen/t-rex Says:

    I am very glad that you are the best. I had started to discover your music from 1996-98 with tune called “synthetic attack”, now I have gathered most of your works and listening it regulary. I am really happy for you and maybe it would be great idea to see you at Assembly 2011 with your show… I remember a time when I chated with smash(Matt Swoboda) on IRC and told him that it would be great to see a demo with hunz’s music and now you became demoscene classics =)…

    Last monthes I am listening your album “when victims fight” just from the website and I still like it very much, I wish you to make more stuff and more people should to know about you.. I am looking forward to your new releases…

  3. freezedream Says:

    Well done! I love your work. I too am a Buzz and Renoise musician – they are very powerful programs. I’ve also dabbled in the chipmusic scene. Very much looking forward to your 7bitHero release.

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