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Archive for March, 2011

hunz at Hi Fi Bar on Sat, 09 Apr 11

Old track re-released


Apegenine Volume 2 : Hypocondriac
Hunz – Venger


Apegenine re-released a compilation on bandcamp the other day and it contains the very 1st song I ever wrote on renoise. That song was a Vocal version of the OST I did for an Iphone game in 2008 called “Venger“. I still have grand dreams of releasing the OST online along with the renoise files but we’ll see how that goes.


The label owner had mentioned on twitter that ‘Venger’ was one of the Favorite things he had the chance to release. Thank you Vincent that means a lot to me.


Kotaku mention on the demo I did music for



I’m really into the computer game scene and follow the Kotaku blog. So when the demo you did music for gets a mentioned in a post you get a little giddy. Thank you Kotaku for bringing attention to the world of the Demoscene. It really is the place where a lot of indie ideas are expressed and future gaming companies are born.


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