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Archive for February, 2011

Best Soundtrack Nominee



The Demo scene is truly where my musicality came from. To have my music Nominated for Best Soundtrack in a demo is possibly one of the most humbling experiences – it’s awesome!. It was quite an accident that I was considered to score this demo but I am so glad it happened. I have been a BIG fan of CNCD & Fairlight and I thank them for allowing me to remix my track All falls down for this one. Thank you to for your support as well.


If you love reading about process then you should stop and look at this page. Smaash has done a wonderful job about the challenges in coding a demo like this.


And if you wanna see all the Nominees and even vote then you can follow this link | Hunz


Live photos

Had some amazing photo’s taken at our show by the awesome JonasMcq. He just captured the passion in the show. Thank you Jonas!


Photos of Hunz at the Zoo