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Review round up

A round up of some lovely street press we got after supporting one of our favorite bands. Thanks to all the reviewers for coming out and watching us play. And thank you re:enactment for having us along. Very very wonderful night.


Timeoff Magazine


Hunz play brooding, atmospheric New Wave rock with choruses that explode into post-apocalyptic walls of sound. It’s an awesome thing to behold, and they warm the audience up brilliantly for the main act . . .


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Rave Magazine


Hans Van Vliet, better known as Hunz, is a fixture of the Brisbane live electronica scene, and his performance tonight demonstrates why: his fine tenor vocals are as precise and smooth in the live environment as they are on record. Where Hunz uses honey to trap flies, Re:Enactment use vinegar . . .


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Chad Packhill





Next up were Hunz. A small crowd had gathered at the bass of the stage, and with the screaming of some of the crowd members down the front, I had a feeling this was going to be a pretty decent display. The incredibly polished sounds of electronic music that trickled out of the speakers was nothing short of brilliant. With heavy drums and backing bass, the eponymous lead singer was absolutely mesmerizing as he pranced and thrashed about behind his keyboard, delivering vocals that were both powerful in their depth and yet intricate in their falsetto parts. You could tell that the live experience was what Hunz is all about: the band flourished in this environment, lapping up every little bit of the crowd’s energetic mood and throwing it straight back at them. At times, songs began to sound a little bit same-y, but I suppose you can never have too much of a good thing, so I guess I could only class this as a minor annoyance . . .


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Alessandro Oliveira


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