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Tiny Cartridge and 8bit Collective

Tiny Cartridge
Tiny Cartridge had lovely things to say about my new chiptune single “Boy Walks Girl To Work And Is Followed By A Ghost”.


Tiny Cartridge


“Boy Walks Girl To Work And Is Followed By A Ghost” by .hnz/hunz. This is an advance track from 7-Bit Hero, the artist’s upcoming album following “an epic journey about a boy finding a girl a slightly better retail job.” If the rest of 7-Bit Hero’s songs tell their stories as convincingly as this single, this release will be one to anticipate!

Read the whole thing here.
Eric Caoili



8bit Collective


And if you get a chance have a look at the 8bit collective website. If you look over to the right you can see the header “Most ‘Liked’ Music of Last Week” and I’m sitting at #6. A big thank you to everyone for the comments and sending some love with this new chiptune.


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