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Archive for May, 2010

Hunz speaking at Unconvention



It was pretty awesome to be asked on a panel at Unconvention. Esp since Unconvention is a conference that celebrates DIY mentality in the music industry. I just love how the internet has opened up a tiny hole that bypasses the commercial music industry structure. Even better is that no one really knows how to turn that into “Marketing Strategies” yet because it’s happening right now and people like you and me are making it up us as we go along. It’s a really exciting time if you ask me :D


So, Apart from being asked to speak on a panel concerning “Music, Technology and Entrepreneurship”, Hunz will be playing a full set as well. The show is completely free and the conference will set you back a few. More information if you click on links and stuff below. I’ll keep you posted on some of my thoughts as things lead up to this and so on.


Unconvention Brisbane
My Awesome *cough* Bio


Videos from Skinny Jean show

For those of you that couldn’t make it out to the Skinny jean show where they asked me to perform one of their songs “A blessing” and did a cover of “Soon, Soon”. Well you are in luck. Niteshok was there and filmed the 2 songs and has been kind enough to share it with everyone. A big thank you to the skinny jean guys for allowing me to sing their tune. It’s things like this that makes what you do all worth while!


A Blessing


Soon, Soon


The Powerhouse on Fri, 21 May 10

hunz at Ric’s on Sun, 07 Aug 10

hunz at The Edge on Sat, 12 Jun 10