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hunz at The Hanger on Sat, 05 Jun 10

Hunz @ The Hangar

You Said Hello on Microsoft Surface

One of the best things about releasing your work for free and available in a format that includes all the note data is people in the community who express themselves in mathematics can do things like this. I watched it a few times and was just struck by it all. Thank you Justin.



Justin Says “Lightwell can best be thought of as “pong meets rock band”, as it is a multiplayer rhythm game that gives each player a different track of the song. Players play the song by moving shuttles around the outside of the central ring and reflecting lighted blips back to the center. So long as a player continues to successfully reflect these blips, the track continues to play. This was the final project for my multitouch computing class.”


Also check out his music psycliq


Amazing Hunz Remixes by Sefiros

<a href="">It&#8217;s So Light (Sefiros Remix) by Sefiros</a>


Here are some more remixes that have completely blown me away. They are for “In Tomorrow” and “It’s so Light”. Thank you so much Sefiros for taking your valuable time and creating something that enhances the emotions of the tracks. He takes familiar phrases and vocals from the tracks and creates something that is between a ambient sound scape and something pop. It really is a perfect meld of our 2 styles. Please check out his albums and thank him if you get the time. Click here for his page


hunz at The Troubadour on Wed, 05 May 10