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A post from across the globe

It still amazes me when I read posts like this because it’s from the other side of the Globe. I love how music can bring cultures, countries and people together. I thought I would draw your attention to this post on (And yes this is using Google Translate)




Energetic Pop from across the planet


Energetic Pop from across the planet | Hunz shared with Henrik Jose and Mosaik (of whom I talked in previous articles) his past in the demoscene, the subculture of audiovisual creation and source of the trackers netlabels cradle of a decade ago now. Since he started publishing his tracks in the late 90s in the select group Five Musicians was characterized by entering your voice in song, something unusual then, but he eventually led the band toured with Beanbag by the United States.


Later he returned to his native Australia to return to producing music and released his first album, When Victims Fight, which contained some old and some new themes. And last year, decided to participate in the RPM Challenge, which consists of recording an album in 28 days, and thus produced their second album, Thoughts That Move, which is available for free download at Bandcamp (although not licensed Creative Commons). This album mixes a more aggressive pop with a base provided electronically, although the voices are the stars and the common theme of all themes.


Another feature of Hunza is its commitment to the community and musical innovation. All his albums have been self-produced and sold / distributed directly between him and his audience, and from Thoughts That Move that is totally focused on the social media and crowdsourcing. Its website has a blog where he explains his news, has profiles on all major social networks and updated often with all sorts of experiments.


But the most interesting is that also publishes the source files of their songs, clearly influenced by the time of the modules of the demoscene, and no wonder then that the tracker are RENOISE format, which also has as an artist on staff . Thus authorized Hunz get remixes of his songs which he later republished in his site and fill up his own music.


A clear example that one need not be a “great” to offer good products at your fans and build you an entire community around you.


Read the whole thing here.
David Domingo


‘Thoughts that move’ – Renoise Forum discussion

For those of you that might be interested an open Forum has started up in which I’ll answer any questions you might have about the album I recorded in the month of February last year. For those that are doing RPM ignore this message and get back to work! :D


Thoughts that move Q&A