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LOFLY RECORDS top ten acts of 2009

Lofly listed me in there top ten as the best acts to see, that played in their venue “The hanger” of 2009. Lofly Records run a venue called “The hanger” and it is one of those undiscovered treasures in brisbane. If you do get a chance to see a band there do it.


(Brisbane independent label
peeps, Hangar venue/practice
space operators and all-round
nice guys)
Best Hangar sets of 2009
1. Kid Sam (May)
2. McKisko (May)
3. Re:Enactment (December)
4. Do The Robot (August)
5. Bastards of the Epic Day (A.K.A.
Axxonn) (September)
6. Idle Cranes (March)
7. DZ (June)
8. Nova Scotia (April)
9. Hunz (September)
10. Big Strong Brute (August)
(Rave says: support The Hangar in
2010! It’s one the city’s coolest venues
and best kept secrets. www. yhangar)


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