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An RPM-Challenge Challenge

It’s almost February, and that means that it is time for all musicians to consider the RPM Challenge. The goal is to take the month of February to record an album of 10 songs or 35 minutes of previously unreleased music. (See the full details of the challenge here.)


I took the challenge last year and somehow wrote and recorded Thoughts That Move in one month. (With the mixing help of mr mark dollin) If you missed it, I blogged the whole process, which you can read starting at the bottom of the page here and working back through feb.


I’ve been asked by many people (including my wife and even myself) whether I’d be doing it again this year. As tempting as it is, I’ve decided to keep my focus on the animations that I’ve been working on and keep that ball rolling. I am challenging myself to make some progress on my clip during February.


the challenge
But I’m putting out the challenge for all other musicians to sign-up at, and then leave a comment here. I’d love to see how other people go with it and hear your progress. It might feel like it’s last minute, but I signed up on the 28th of January last year. Just commit to it and see how far you get. If nothing else, you might crank out a couple interesting new tunes or make you rethink how you write to get it done.


Starting sunday at midnight.. you can doo eet!

Audio driven Animation – The Tests

So at work on Friday, I had mentioned that I wish 3dsmax had some kind of audio input so you could use different parts of the instrumentation to trigger events off. One of the guys said, “it does, and you are a n00b”. Fine. :D


After messing around with it briefly at work, I got all excited about it. So I spent my 4 days off playing with my recent Christmas purchase (thanks Danielle!) of box#2 and my new-found, audio-driven animation. If enough people like it, I might even consider doing up some tutorials on how it was put together. One thing I did realize is, I miss my power machines at work.


But here are some lowres viewport previews of the tests. Some of it might make it into the final. If you don’t know what a “viewport preview” is then prepared to be underwhelmed. It basically is what I see in the program. The prettiness happens later on, and it is what most people are used to seeing. Also note that below is some pretty intense geek talk.


Audio generated Animation 01

Particle face creator (PFC) is the inspiration for this whole piece. PFC is like a live boolen with a bit of a blobby mesh thresh hold to boot. It allows you to cut particle simulations into geometry. So After messing around with Box#2 I layered 50+ spheres. Placed particles through it all and gave them the PFC treatment. Ta da.


Audio generated Animation 02

This is simply seeing if the system works with the real song section I want to use. I also turned the gravity off and started lighting the scene. I wanted the scene to have all natural lights, so they all use the kelvin temps.


Audio generated Animation 03

After watching it all through, I really wanted the “GO” parts to explode, so I decided to rip up the floor using particles and the Particle Skinner. In this preview the flickers are due to shadows and polygons being to close together for the viewport to understand. The floor rip is also very chunky, which it won’t be as much in the final. Needless to say, I should have something early next week that is the final product. It is just going to be a snippet for the song “The Commotion”, but I might write a lead-in and lead-out for it. Stick around for the finished project.


Hope you enjoy these little teasers. This is the year of visual art and design for hunz while I work on my studio album. There will be plenty more on its way.

Brisbane’s Best Offer Free Downloads have posted links to free music in Brisbane and I have been listed. Included are some of my favorite Brisbane artists so it’s a good chance to see if you like ‘em too :D . Thanks again Scenewave for putting this list together and supporting indie bands.


This is the link to


“The Commotion” Remixed

I can’t believe the amount of fan generated remixes that have happened for my last album, Thoughts that Move. This one really show cases a new direction in carefully controlled distortion which really pumps more energy into the track. Really fantastic work. Also note the video clip that runs with it. Some amazing old footage that really works a treat with the song. I can’t tell you how in awe I am. Thank you Extraneous Vapor


<a href="">Calm Frozen by Extraneous Vapor</a>



LOFLY RECORDS top ten acts of 2009

Lofly listed me in there top ten as the best acts to see, that played in their venue “The hanger” of 2009. Lofly Records run a venue called “The hanger” and it is one of those undiscovered treasures in brisbane. If you do get a chance to see a band there do it.


(Brisbane independent label
peeps, Hangar venue/practice
space operators and all-round
nice guys)
Best Hangar sets of 2009
1. Kid Sam (May)
2. McKisko (May)
3. Re:Enactment (December)
4. Do The Robot (August)
5. Bastards of the Epic Day (A.K.A.
Axxonn) (September)
6. Idle Cranes (March)
7. DZ (June)
8. Nova Scotia (April)
9. Hunz (September)
10. Big Strong Brute (August)
(Rave says: support The Hangar in
2010! It’s one the city’s coolest venues
and best kept secrets. www. yhangar)


Here are some related links :


Rave magazine – Page 21


A review of the show – possibly the best review I’ve ever had