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Honorable Australian Album of 2009

“Who the bloody hell are they” did a wrap up of the year and “Thoughts that Move” got a honorable mention for Australian Album of 2009.


Who the bloody hell are they – Albums of 2009


It has been such an awesome year. I didn’t expect to put out an album in a month, Thanks Danielle. I also didn’t expect so many people to resonate with the album as much as they have. It certainly is what I like to call a “huzzah” moment. Huzzah!


So next year will see me start on a Studio album and roll out some singles from “Thoughts that move”. I also have some really interesting things happening in the new year. Wow, can I get more secretive. Just know that I’ve got a list of things planned and if I get a few of them done I’ll be happy.


Thanks for your support, as cliche as it is, I can’t actually do music unless you guys support it. It is such an honor to be given your support so I can continue to do this.


Thank you! Blessings for the new year!


Playlist on Scenewave

Thought I would share a link with you guys. Scenewave has put me on their playlist and linked through to my free album “Thoughts that Move”. Thanks very much you guys.


“You Said Hello” Remix by Sleeperspaceborn

If you, like me, have been enjoying the amazing remixes from Sleeperspaceborn then here is another one! He reinvents the feeling in the song and puts his own personal twist on it. This is one of my Favorite remixes. Thank you again Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">you said hello (hunz rmx) by sleeperspaceborn</a>