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Soon, Soon Remix by MMD

Mr Mark Dollin, the guy that mixed my last album, has done a very awesome remix of the song “Soon, Soon”. My favorite type of remixes are ones that take the existing work and build on it to take it out of it’s comfort zone. You can hear wonderful echo’s of the original song through it. Great work MMD!


Pleading with Ghosts


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More Remix announcements to come.


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One Response to “Soon, Soon Remix by MMD”

  1. mr_mark_dollin Says:

    Cheers Hunz! Thanks for the little feature.

    This whole idea came out of the simple sample of Hunz saying “please…” with some echo and reverberation on it. Instantly I got the impression that Hunz was in some magical but dark place pleading with things that could not been seen, with his ghosts or with whatever he was reckoning with. To keep the spooky vibe I detuned one of his vocal parts down an octave (really low) and used that as a bassline, like some sort of guttural fantasy beast propelling the spirited communication along. Don’t ask me how all the chip tune stuff fits thematically with all that, but hey – it wouldn’t be a Hunz song without some tracking scene influenced *bLiP~bL0p* !

    Thanks again, hope you all enjoy it. :D

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