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A Review from last nights The Hangar show.

Usually I post the whole story here but instead I am going to post a link. This is a local Brisbane, Australia blog spot that needs our support so this is possibly the best way we can give it. It is a fantastic review that makes me blush. Thank you!


Read the whole thing here


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One Response to “A Review from last nights The Hangar show.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Thanks for the link, Hunz. Your set last night was so enjoyable. As a music reviewer, after a while you do tend to get a little jaded and your standards – in some ways – get higher. The sheer volume of music “out there” is tremendous but it’s still rare to find a musician who really does it for me, musically ^_^ Your music is beautiful and rare and deserves a place in people’s hearts, starting with their ears, working into their minds…Best of luck with Big Sound this coming week!

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