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“The Messenger” on triple j Unearthed

Thought I would ask you all a favour and see if you wouldn’t mind clicking through to the song “The Messenger” on the triple j Unearthed site. triple j is a state wide radio station here in Australia. It helps promote new and unique bands. It helped bring Silverchair and many many others out of obscurity.


Rate me on triple j Unearthed!


Hunz now on Itunes, emusic and more!

It was very exciting to see my music roll out online. Don’t forget if you want physical copies you can order them here. So for Now you can pick it up in well, any flavour you want!



  • Hunz - When Victims FightAmerica
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  • Hunz - When Victims FightJapan
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  • Hunz - When Victims FightCanada

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  • Fasterlouder Review @ Club Blink

    Fasterlouder Review @ Club Blink


    . . . . Having recently shared his magic with the Big Sound showcase attendees, raved-about Brissie moodytronica maestro Hunz leads his powerhouse rhythm section (featuring drums prodigy Richie Young) into another riveting performance. A passionate frontman as well as a ridiculously talented singer, songwriter and sonic architect, the erstwhile Hans Van Vliet is a familiar welcome sight as he attacks both his mic and modified synth, every syllable, note and move soaked with emotion and sheer intensity. Several choice tracks from acclaimed albums When Victims Fight and this year’s marvellous Thoughts That Move get an airing, Long Road, Soon, Soon and You Said Hello all packing wistful keyboard arrangements and humungous hooks. During the second half of the show, a laptop glitch prompts the digi-soul man to skip a song from the setlist, apologise to the crowd and bow out with another spirited vocal/musical display. My post-gig recommendation to the uninitiated? If you haven’t seen Hunz yet, by all means do it – you’ll be blown away. . . .


    Read the whole thing here
    Denis Semchenko


    “Club Blink” show on Youtube

    Club Blink with Yeo was AWESOME. The lights made us look super special so it’s worth having a look at it all. Draw the line, You Said Hello and Soon, Soon is there for you to watch. A big thank you to everyone for coming out! Thank you Club Blink!!



    The Vine – Bigsound Mention

    Bigsound 2009 is over for the year and although I was very nervous about the performance it all went along with out any major hitches .. phew. Here is a line about me from someone who blogged the 3 day event. Enjoy.


    The Vine


    . . . . Finally, I drag myself to new venue X&Y to catch electronic pop act Hunz and leave glad I bothered. Hunz is something that’s borderline oxymoronic: an electronic musician with personality to burn. And burn it he does, during his set I think I smiled almost as much as he did . . .


    Read the whole thing here


    Relive “The Hangar” show through Youtube ™.

    So you couldn’t make it along to “The Hangar” OR you did and you want to relive the show. Someone has been kind enough (*Cough* Niteshok) to place some videos online. Did I thank everyone for coming out? Thank you!




    A Review from last nights The Hangar show.

    Usually I post the whole story here but instead I am going to post a link. This is a local Brisbane, Australia blog spot that needs our support so this is possibly the best way we can give it. It is a fantastic review that makes me blush. Thank you!


    Read the whole thing here


    Brisbane, Australia, Sat, 19 Sep 09

    Hunz playing w/Yeo

    Hunz playing w/Yeo