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Lost Demo Track Found and Released.

<a href="">Borderline by hunz</a>


This demo track was written at least five years ago, but I thought it was lost in a hard drive crash. Recently I was on a roadtrip with friends in the USA, and we were listening to their ipod on shuffle in their car. Somewhere along the journey, this track popped on, and I laughed and cried a little. Turns out I had emailed it, so it wasn’t gone forever. I love moments like that in life. Thank you, Nate.


Please note this track was only supplied as a 128kps file. It was written completely on buzz with a Shure sm58 mic (no compressor) and mixed in headphones. I may one day return and re-write this track but I feel like I need to move on. Also note that you don’t have to pay for the track to download it. Just put in “0″. If you wanted to throw a few bucks my way then you are more then welcome too ^_^


Hope you enjoy.


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2 Responses to “Lost Demo Track Found and Released.”

  1. mr_mark_dollin Says:

    Hey this is real nice. I’m enjoy the dense layers, especially the layers of vocal. The glitch in it really reminds me of a lot of the Victims stuff. Really looking forward to the new new new stuff ;)

  2. Roma Loom Says:

    A little bit too short but really nice. Somehow reminds me of “You should never change”…

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