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Lost Demo Track Found and Released.

<a href="">Borderline by hunz</a>


This demo track was written at least five years ago, but I thought it was lost in a hard drive crash. Recently I was on a roadtrip with friends in the USA, and we were listening to their ipod on shuffle in their car. Somewhere along the journey, this track popped on, and I laughed and cried a little. Turns out I had emailed it, so it wasn’t gone forever. I love moments like that in life. Thank you, Nate.


Please note this track was only supplied as a 128kps file. It was written completely on buzz with a Shure sm58 mic (no compressor) and mixed in headphones. I may one day return and re-write this track but I feel like I need to move on. Also note that you don’t have to pay for the track to download it. Just put in “0″. If you wanted to throw a few bucks my way then you are more then welcome too ^_^


Hope you enjoy.


4ZzZ Radiothon Photos

A few photographers were out taking photos of the bands playing and I thought I would share them with you. Really wonderful work and captured the mood perfectly. Thank you both!


Photographer : Kendall H


Photographer : Markus Ravik

It’s a quick Catchup

Bigsound 2009 happens this year. Bigsound is Brisbane SXSW and invites industry people along from all over the world to taste what Australia has to offer. You also get to talk with some amazing people that can help spread the word about the music you create. As apart of the whole event I am doing a showcase. Which happen Thursday, September, 10th @ 9:40 at the X and Y bar. the bigsound lineup


Also, my vacation in America is wrapping up. It makes me sad that I can’t wake up and do nothing for a long period of time and not feel bad about it but I’m pretty excited about getting stuck into the live show and then back into the next album (yes, the next one :P ). If you’ve missed my tweets about the gear I’ve picked up then follow the links below to found out what I got. Personally, I can not wait to use the KorgNANO stuff. the korgs, the nanos


That’s about it.


Brisbane, QLD, Thu, 10 Sep 09

Hunz at Big Sound 2009 Showcase

Hunz at Big Sound 2009 Showcase