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Rave Magazine Album Review

If you pick up this weeks copy of Rave Magazine in Australia you’ll get to read another neat review for the new album “Thoughts that move”. Thank you Rave Magazine and Andrea Lam.


Rave Magazine Review


A record put out in 28 days that far exceeds 10 years of output from 28 Days


Hunz’s Thoughts That Move was constructed in 28 days for the RPM challenge (a call-out to bands to partake in a sort-of Ready Steady Cook equivalent of record making – Ready Steady Rock!). Thoughts That Move comprises 10 songs showcasing sparkly synths, glitchy beats and Hunz’s melancholy multitracked voice. The opener, It’s So Light, slaps me onto the dancefl oor – denying expectations of an intimate exposure to Hunz’s inner sanctum, in favour for beats and bass. The driving beats continue with Soon, Soon – a pop song guaranteed to make the cool kids dance (and self-consciously interpretative dance in the breakdowns).


Hunz has produced an album which glitters like a subdued ecstasy high. While I found the synth ornamentation a little over-the-top, and savoured the restraint of Enough To Make You Smile, Hunz could not have chosen a better title for this album. Thoughts That Move feels like experiencing the heady rhythm and ecstasy of the dancefloor through a filter of someone else’s thoughts. It doesn’t quite meet the expectations of a full album but given the time frame, Hunz promises treasures in the future.


Read the whole thing here


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