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“The Messenger” – Remixed by Sleeperspaceborn

Sleeperspaceborn has done another wonderful remix of one of my tunes. Such a wonderful talent and I feel honored that we would consider my work. I love how this song plays out and it has a lot of depth and variety to it all. I’m such a sucker for around 4:59 onwards .. hehe. Thank you so much Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">messenger (hunz remix) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


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6 Responses to ““The Messenger” – Remixed by Sleeperspaceborn”

  1. Roma Loom Says:

    I.Want.More. :)

  2. DaytaMOD Says:

    One if not the favourite track from the “Thoughts that move” album. This remix is superb. I agree with Roma, we can’t wait for more!!!

  3. sleeperspaceborn Says:

    “on me” is up, you wanted more, you get it… but not always =P

  4. seppjo Says:

    yesterday I played this song on nectarine without recognizing it’s a remix by sleeperspaceborn. Are we allowed to play it on nectarine?
    sleeperspaceborn: are you a computerscener?

  5. hunz Says:

    Sleeperspaceborn was from the demo scene so you’ll have no problems playing it! I think his handle was Catspaw.

  6. seppjo Says:

    Hehe, great. So I will upload more at nectarine! :D thanx

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