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Faster Louder Album Review

Completely lost for words ver this review. Thank you Tian and FasterLouder.


Faster Louder Review


In a mere twenty-eight days, Hunz has managed to do what some bands take months or even years to accomplish, and which some only dream of. Created as part of the RPM Challenge, Thoughts That Move is a beautifully crafted collection of ten songs, which shows musicianship that far exceeds its short gestation period. The music is intricate and enigmatic, occupying that very small space where ambient, electronic, drum ‘n’ bass, and R&B overlap – a place where only a select superb few (Radiohead/Thom Yorke and Gotye spring to mind) have dared to venture.


The album opens with Hunz’s beautiful voice in It’s So Light, followed by Soon Soon, which employs one of the catchiest electronic drum beats since Radiohead’s Idioteque. Upbeat, R&B-infused songs, The Messenger and You Said Hello have such groovy beats and pop-tastic melodies that they are sure to make you want to bop along. These are contrasted with slower tracks like Car In The Meadow and Switch Off which have soaring vocals and Sigur-Ros-style ambience. Overall, the album is entirely cohesive (owing to its short production span) and takes the listener on a wonderful journey of catchy beats, sublime vocals and cascades of electronic noise and loops. God may have created the universe in seven days, but I think Hunz does a pretty good job with Thoughts That Move in twenty-eight.


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