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Markus Ravik Photos @ The Troubadour

I thought I would mention the work of Markus Ravik here. He has become a fan of the music after doing photos here and there. Hope people enjoy his work as much as I have. Thank you Markus




Faster Louder Album Review

Completely lost for words ver this review. Thank you Tian and FasterLouder.


Faster Louder Review


In a mere twenty-eight days, Hunz has managed to do what some bands take months or even years to accomplish, and which some only dream of. Created as part of the RPM Challenge, Thoughts That Move is a beautifully crafted collection of ten songs, which shows musicianship that far exceeds its short gestation period. The music is intricate and enigmatic, occupying that very small space where ambient, electronic, drum ‘n’ bass, and R&B overlap – a place where only a select superb few (Radiohead/Thom Yorke and Gotye spring to mind) have dared to venture.


The album opens with Hunz’s beautiful voice in It’s So Light, followed by Soon Soon, which employs one of the catchiest electronic drum beats since Radiohead’s Idioteque. Upbeat, R&B-infused songs, The Messenger and You Said Hello have such groovy beats and pop-tastic melodies that they are sure to make you want to bop along. These are contrasted with slower tracks like Car In The Meadow and Switch Off which have soaring vocals and Sigur-Ros-style ambience. Overall, the album is entirely cohesive (owing to its short production span) and takes the listener on a wonderful journey of catchy beats, sublime vocals and cascades of electronic noise and loops. God may have created the universe in seven days, but I think Hunz does a pretty good job with Thoughts That Move in twenty-eight.


You can read the whole review here :


“On Me” Remix

<a href="">on me (hunz) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


Back in 1999 I released a song called “On Me”. So 10 years later sleeperspaceborn decides to remix it and inject some more life into the track. A big thank you to Ssb for doing 3 remix’s of my tracks. I don’t think I can thank you enough. Something about a good remix makes you feel very special .. :D


So if you’ve never heard the original here it is. I converted it over to .mp3 so you can listen to it and get a feel for what I was writing in 1999. I think my face is about to flush a bright red with embarrassment but I’m ok with that .. O_o


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


4zzz Cd launch Review

Thank you 4zzz for the lovely review of my cd launch.  It’s really funny and hits me in all the right spots.  I will work hard on trying to start a rival fight with some ultra awesome band.  If you don’t know what I’m saying you must read it.  Thank you Josh.


4zzz Launch Review


The turn out is a little thin when Dot.AY takes the stage, but this doesn’t stop Alex from throwing himself around his collection of gameboys, samplers and particle accelerators. The Troub is far from the ideal venue for his electronic assault but he puts on a good show regardless.

The last time I saw Toy Balloon they were a two-piece, but there are four people on stage tonight. This means that somehow the toy balloons have doubled in number in just a year. If this rate of expansion continues then by the year 2020 Toy Balloon will have 4 069 members. The mind boggles at the implications of a Toy Balloon army filling the streets with a delicious blend of cowbell laced New Order style indie dance beats. I for one will welcome the dawn of this new vocoder and synth soaked utopian era.


Hunz takes the stage with his trademark humility that is strangely incongruent with the epic electronic wall of sound that he unleashes. Aided by an impressive rhythm section, the trio produce rich and luscious soundscapes that sound like the soundtrack to the greatest science fiction film never made. The setlist tonight is lifted from Hunz’s brand new album ‘Thoughts that Move’ which is all the more impressive for having been written and recorded in a mere 28 days, just enough time for most rock stars to go through rehab. Hunz has been causing more excitement in the local scene than Justin Timberlake in a high school girls locker room, and its no surprise that more than half the punters here tonight feature in some of Brisbane’s best bands.


The only real question here is why the troub isn’t packed to the rafters with the usual army of hipsters that swarm the gigs of local buzz bands. The only plausible explanation that this psuedomusojounro can come up with is that Hunz doesn’t wear enough ridiculous indie hipster outfits that seem to make the punters slaver. Perhaps Hunz should mimic the outfits from look at this fucking My other suggestion would be that he needs to start a rivalry with another local band to raise his profile. What about Yves Klein Blue? They’re pretty scrawny, and their jeans are tight enough to drastically restrict mobility in a street fight.


But I digress. Hunz delivers in spades tonight. Replicating the complex, layered compositions from ‘thoughts that move’ (available for free from his website) is no mean task. However, the trio translate the soundscapes surprisingly well into a live context, throbbing synth bass lines and precise but powerful drumming form a hypnotic background to Hunz’s impressive vocals and synth symphonies.


Nine thumbs up.


By Josh Donellan


You can read the full review here : 4zzz review


It’s on the youtube.

Dot.Ay did a wonderful pixel mash up of my song “you said hello”. He didn’t know it but I’ve been working on doing the theme tune from Dinosaucers but the guys from the band think it’s lame. Who’s lame now? huh? huh??



“The Messenger” – Remixed by Sleeperspaceborn

Sleeperspaceborn has done another wonderful remix of one of my tunes. Such a wonderful talent and I feel honored that we would consider my work. I love how this song plays out and it has a lot of depth and variety to it all. I’m such a sucker for around 4:59 onwards .. hehe. Thank you so much Sleeperspaceborn.


<a href="">messenger (hunz remix) by sleeperspaceborn</a>


“Soon, soon” has been Chosen to be in Renoise 2.1

As you all know I really wanted to make sure everything was done in renoise for the album “thoughts that move”. I’ve been in love with tracking ever since I had my faithful Amiga and when I played with renoise I knew it was everything I hoped a tracker would become. During the whole process I talked with the renoise dev team to see if they could help host my .xnrs files to which they said they will but I never thought they might include a track in their program for all to hear when they purchase it. So a big Thank you so much renoise dev.


Also they have 3 of my tracks playing from their main page so check that out here and click on the player on the right.


Cd Launch Review – FasterLouder

This week will see some reviews of the show hit around the place. Plus some cd reviews as well. It is always such a nervous time because you hope people understand how you communicate your emotions across. If this review is anything to go by then I think I am being understood. Thank you so much, very “wow”.


Faster Louder Review


. . . . Hunz are, quite simply, amazing. Not only did this band create a sublime album in the space of a month, but they also have the live show to back it up. From the moment Hans van Vliet sings his first note, the audience are completely enchanted. Tonight the band launches their new album, Thoughts That Move, which rivals Gotye’s Like Drawing Blood in my books. (A big claim, I know. You can download it for free from the band’s website and decide for yourself.) Vliet’s laptop combines with careful bass and drums to produce an ambient sonic landscape, over which his luscious vocals soar.


While the band plays a mix of songs from the old and new albums, it is new songs like Soon Soon, with its repetitive drum beat and You Said Hello with its catchy melody that really stand out. From the previous album, the groovy Beg is clearly a favourite, as is the heartbreakingly delicate Draw the Line. The band finishes with the haunting Switch Off, leaving the audience spellbound. I don’t think there is a single person in the room who isn’t in awe of Hunz by the end of the set and I feel privileged to have been one of the first to see these beautiful songs performed live.


You can read the whole review here :