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New Album is out now, it’s free!

[cue angel sample + oooo choir] “thoughts that move” is now available! It comes in a few flavors as well. You can jump right here and have a look, Click the top album cover or read more about it below.

Physical CD
After we put the poll up it was apparent that a lot of people would love a physical copy of the CD. So we went about and found a place to put this together. I think it’s come up really well and has the right balance. We managed to get the CD down to $10 (AUD) and I’m very proud of that.

Digital Download
It’s free and you can grab it right now. I love the Digital age, sure it’s scary, but the way you can help out is by telling people about my music and passing it around. It’s free!!

Renoise Files
I wouldn’t be anything without the demo scene. I really loved it when an artist would release their work in a raw format. I loved going through them all and just learning. I hope these renoise files help some people out ^_^. is hosting the files for this. A BIG thank you to the team. Renoise is one of the most exciting things I’ve used in a long time.

February 2009 housed 28 days. That’s 672 hours for potential productivity, but far less when working around employment and social commitments. This time constraint make the conditions surrounding the release of Hunz’s second album all the more remarkable.

“Thoughts That Move” was conceived, written, performed and produced by Brisbane independent electronic artist Hunz ( throughout the month of February 2009. It’s Hunz’s contribution to a worldwide contest known as the RPM Challenge (, which saw over 2,200 bands commit to releasing an album of original music within those 28 days. Those 672 hours.

These ten tracks find Hunz tightening his grip on a peerless pop sound that hints at dark electronica undertones, while never misplacing his outstanding melodic sensibilities. In a similar manner to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails offering the GarageBand source files used to compose his music, Hunz is simultaneously releasing “Thoughts That Move” in the Renoise format that contains the core components of each electronic composition.

“Thoughts That Move” is the sound of Hunz evolving the themes explored on his 2008 debut, “When Victims Fight”. First single “You Said Hello” skillfully contrasts sinister verses with an uplifting chorus, while “Car In The Meadow” will be accompanied by an intriguing animated video later in 2009. On stage, Hunz collaborates with bassist Phil Evans and drummer Richie Young on his devoted journey to the frail heart of pop music.

“It is neither forced experimentation nor a complex concept which holds these emotionally bipolar pieces together but the simple, yet hypnotically crafted rhythm of verse and chorus, as well as a voice capable of expressing discreet ecstasy and uncliched pain.” (“When Victims Fight” album review, March 2009)

“Backed by a powerhouse rhythm section, the soul man/laptop wizard gives a glimpse of what Pivot could have sounded like if Richard Pike sang conventional lyrics; his expansive range, in-song vocal loops and sheer passion make for one memorable opening slot.” (Live review, January 2009)

“Hunz augments electronic samples with his unique voice and live drum and bass to produce an enchanting sound. Why haven’t we heard him earlier? Blame ineffective promotion, blame infrequent performances; it doesn’t matter, as there’s several dozen new fans appreciating the trio’s thoughtful, restrained pieces.” (Live review, November 2008)

I REALLY hope you enjoy this release. I had a lot of fun making this and if it wasn’t for Danielle none of this would have happened. thank you.

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20 Responses to “New Album is out now, it’s free!”

  1. Roma Loom Says:

    Woah! Enough to Make You Smile is beautiful. Also grabbed renoise files to convince a friend of mine to try to make some mixes. Keep it up man!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Hey this is really really great! Thanks for putting up the Renoise files too! I’m having a look through them right now! What is the licensing like? Are we allowed to remix these?

  3. hunz Says:

    People can do what they want. I think it would be neat if people asked about it 1st but ultimately it’s all out there now. The remixes that really work I’ll post about them for sure. Thanks for asking man.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Hey you’re welcome! Thanks for making this album :D

  5. Human Plague Says:

    Really really good. I’m in awe.

  6. Darragh Says:

    Good work, Hunz!

  7. It-Alien Says:

    hi Hunz! Thanks for sharing, also for the XRNS files!

    It-Alien / Renoise Team.

  8. Nik Says:

    A nice selection of tracks, similar in style and feeling to early Depeche Mode in my opinion. Nice production throughout.

  9. mr_mark_dollin Says:


  10. Hunzspirational | mmd Says:

    [...] He told me that the Renoise XRNS files for the new album Thoughts That Move have been released, which you can read more about here. Oh yeah, and of course that means the album has gone fully public and the band will be performing [...]

  11. Atte Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the XRNS files, not only can I enjoy your fantastic album, I can also learn alot.

    You inspire me!

  12. thoughts that move « woo, tangent Says:

    [...] been listening to a rather interesting album this morning — Thoughts That Move, by a Brisbane artist that goes by the name of Hunz. It’s interesting for a number of [...]

  13. Djalma C Says:

    Thanks for sharing that nice music I will tell to all my friends
    Hugs from Brazil

  14. hunz Says:

    Thanks for the hugs. I feel the love from Brazil ^_^ (that’s a super smiley face :P )

  15. simak(wordmacro) Says:

    I asked God for some source of inspiration to get back to tracking… Then I felt like visiting Renoise’s website and found This. Ah, good old feeling from the days of #trax.
    Cheers from Brazil again ;)

  16. Vanessa Says:

    hey! Thanks for sharing your great work!
    Cheers from Brazil =)

  17. Christoph Says:

    Can anyone repost the original Renoise files again , please? Thanks! I want to learn more

  18. ClanMusic Says:

    I N C R E I B L E, fantastic ;) … and the possibility download the Renoise files it’s incredible. _Thanks!! Thanks Master!!

  19. Tõnu Rääk Says:

    Renoise file link is dead. reupload?

  20. hunz Says:

    I’ll try and find a working link. Thanks.

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