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My Album is so close. Stuff and things.

Tonight a sense of accomplishment fills my mind as I compressed the last of the .xrns (renoise) files. The whole entire album will only be 26megs as .xrns and it was no thanks to a little compression program called XRNIRipper and it compresses the samples in the renoise files to .ogg.

In the meantime, I heard the link went dead SO, until the album becomes down loadable I’ll steam it on my site instead. Check it out :D

Also want to point you to an artist called Matt Limmer . He contacted me out of the blue to do some poster art. So I threw him 22nd of May @ The Globe gig. Really happy with the poster he did up. His design work is so endearing and fresh. Thank you Matt, really appreciate it!

Hunz 22may @ The Globe - Poster art by Matt Limmer

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3 Responses to “My Album is so close. Stuff and things.”

  1. jiku Says:

    Just put it on at bandcamp and it’s…. WOW! To think you got it all done in a month. With Mr. Dollin helping.. wow. :)

  2. aamuhaamu Says:

    cant wait for it

  3. Justin Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to Bandcamp! It’s a fantastic site. I’ve just recently put some of my music up on there, and I’m planning to release all my stuff up there in the future.

    Also, love your music. Though I do miss beanbag. :)

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