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Hunz welcomes Dot.ay

A small change has been made to the line up of my cd launch. We have asked local Chiptune artist Dot.ay to join us on the night. He is awesome. He uses old school gameboy’s to bring about a unique sound.

One geek against the world Dot.A.Y is Alex Yabsley/////////// The lo-fi sound of Dot.AY is influenced by Nintendo and the worlds Chiptune community, as well as the angst of noise and circuit bending………………….. Alex Yabsley also writes electro-acoustic sonic art, sound design for films and has various other musical projects in the works.////////// He likes cute pixelated violence and thats what he sounds like//// . . . . . . . = = = = = = = = = =

Hunz 28th of May @ The Troubadour

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