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Some great post worth reading . .

Here are some post that happened around the same time I launch the cd and got lost in the noise T_T. Thank you so much to the reviewers and random fans that just write up about me. I continue to be humbled by everyone’s passion for the music. Thanks.

The Quiet Revolution – Mmd


Yet another little trip up to Brisbane over the weekend saw us catch Hunz at The Globe on Friday night. A little tired from traveling all day we found sitting through the support bands a little bit of a challenge – the PA was just way too loud for my fragile ears and the bands were performing music that wasn’t really my sort of thing. It must have been late, possibly quarter to midnight that Hunz with his lappy, mics and keys, plus his bandmates Phil Evans on bass & Richie Young on drums, delivered a shortish set for over 30 minutes.


Playing only songs from the album When Victims Fight the band delivered enhanced versions of the songs with live intensity and genuine emotion, all which came across most enjoyable and beyond expectation. Going off my limited knowledge of their YouTube posted performances, it seems that the band is quite tight and Hunz has embellished the songs with live keyboard, extra melodies and effective ‘tape loop’ style self-sampling of his vocals to perform lovely weaving auto-choruses and builds. There were many moments when I though ‘this is all better than the CD, especially the strength in Hunz’s voice’. It was a slight shame there were only 50+ odd people there to see all this – but I’m reminded of a time I saw Augie March playing beautiful music to a small and totally unresponsive Bistro Audience up at UNE in 2000 before they got very big on Triple J. Somehow, and I know it’s a cliche, I feel it’s the same for Hunz: that wide and appropriately deserving attention will befall this music one way or another. Good gigs leave you with this feeling. There are all too many acts out there that suffer from having too much style and not enough substance – but if you ever catch these guys play live you’ll see that there’s no such issue here. The music left us feeling both entertained as well as inspired.


What a motivator to keep on with my own music.


We met up with him after the set to have a quick chinwag. He told me that the Renoise XRNS files for the new album Thoughts That Move have been released, which you can read more about here. Oh yeah, and of course that means the album has gone fully public and the band will be performing the new songs at future gig dates (lucky for Brisbanites). As stated before, I’m excited for him and think that it’s a good sign of what is yet to emerge.


Read the whole thing here



Frodo’s Ghost


When I found that the electronic music at the end of Guttersnipe and Freesignal was done by their vocalist I endeavored to find out more. It took a while, but eventually I stumble across a web page that Hunz had set up with a bunch of songs : Broken Wings, Kemical, The Flame, Your Still Here, Face I Paint and a few more. That was all I had until, I don’t know how but I found out he had a webpage for a current project.


Further investigation and a few free downloads and I was hooked. So I waited a little because I wanted to get it digitally, but after holding out as long as I could, I figured I’d enjoy a real copy. (side: you can now purchase it online here).


Work was boring when I arrived, but finding the CD meant I took a break and changed the scenery. Down stairs to the lounge, put the CD into an impressive speaker system, then sit back and enjoy the first listen.


I love this part of music. Everything is foreign. Things change expectantly. Vocals appear through broken shards as the beats and bass push air from speakers. I hum, like I know where everything is heading, and stop because it is nothing like I thought. Its surprising and entertaining, and the music is fresh, like a cool breeze on a summers day.


When Victims Fight is like that, a fresh breeze – but more-so in the I’m in a dark room and I need some fresh air, kind of way. The melodys wind around the grubby beats intertwining in an elaborate and endearing way. The album has a way to set a mood and follow it through, the dissonance of the music never seems to resolve


The electronic sounds flare and click while the drums set an uneven beat in the verses. They seem to falter and stumble and it creates an upsetting mood. But when it falls into the chorus it all falls into place, driving beats combine with the atmospheric vocals to really capture the mind.


And on the vocals, I do specifically like the way Hunz uses his voice like an instrument – like the start of the track ‘Hearts On Fire’ – eerie and beautiful – it adds wonderful dimension to the overall sound, and it is something that I really enjoy too.


One reason why I was happy to buy the album is the artwork. Fantastic. I do love the real world objects like CD covers, for some reason getting the album online doesn’t cover that aspect of a purchase. Although it was just a cover, no slip, so it was limited, and a digital purchase would have done. But hey, I have a real copy, which is great.


Overall, I found When Victims Fight to be a CD that fits right when I need music to be right now. It is fresh, and creative. It is moving and captivating. I enjoy this CD and am looking forward to what is to come.


You can read the whole thing at


Home & Hosed – Triple J air play

Just a little note to mention that ‘You said hello’ has been played on home & hosed on Triple J. You can see the play list here. If you felt like requesting the tune please do just make sure you don’t spam them, which would be so appreciated it.

Short and sweet post.

Couriermail – BrizBands Blog

Found this one on the Courier mail webpage.  A big thank you to Candi for the wonderful write up.  I heart Kate bush and it was awesome that you could hear that in the music.  Yay!

BrizBands Blog


I got a heads up from someone about a gig at the Troubadour tonight and it was definitely a heads up worth sharing.


Hunz. The independent electronic artist from Brisbane is launching his second album, ‘Thoughts That Move’, and I’m loving what I’ve heard so far on his Myspace.


First of all, I should mention that this album took less than one month to complete. That is an incredible task. At the start of the year, over 2,200 bands entered the RPM Challenge; the challenge being they had to release an album of their own original work within the 28 days of February, and this is what Hunz wrote, recorded and produced. And it’s very impressive.


Hunz’s music has a disjointed, feel to it, but it’s not messy. His electronic sounds and vocals blend well together, forming an interesting and experimental style that touches on the creativity of Lamb, Radiohead and even Kate Bush, yet remains beautifully unique.


You can download the album for free at and check him out tonight at The Troubadour.


Read the whole thing here : BrisBands Blog


The Day after the launch.

Had a beautiful night last night. I have everyone who came along to thank for it. THANK YOU. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I ran through the new melodies. It was evident that everyone had been listening to them all week too because when I announce the names of new tracks I got cheers. I can’t fully explain the glee that brings.

My favorite song to play on the night was “switch off”. I love the on/off nature of the chords I play and the effort it takes to hit them on and then off. It makes it so rewarding. There is always room to get better and after talking to everyone afterward I got a sense on how I can communicate my music better with out confusion.

Thank you dearly : My wife, Phil, Richie, Andrew, James, the Troubadour, The Reviews, Photographers and everyone who thought they could sacrifice a Thursday night to come and watch me play.

People have asked how they can help. Could you pass along the link to your friends? Thank you.


Hunz 28th of May @ The Troubadour

So if you are not doing anything tonight then you must come along to the launch of my cd. I’m feeling great and a little stressed but that goes without saying, I think :D .

“Who the bloody hell are they” like me.

Over the next few days I’ll draw your attention to some amazing posts that have happened since releasing the album, eeeeee. A big “thank you” to who the bloody hell are they.

Hunz is an electronic musician from Brisbane who recently recorded his second album in unusual circumstances – he took part in the RPM Challenge that asked over 2200 international artists to write, record, perform and produce an entire album during the month of February 2009. The fruits of that challenge have recently been made available to download for free and there’s some killer tracks on there. My favourite is ‘Soon, Soon,’ which combines industrial-inspired beats with a soaring falsetto reminiscent of Radiohead’s ‘Nude’ and harmonies that recall parts of Gotye’s last effort. Like Gotye, Hunz releases music under a one-word psuedonym (crazy, huh?) and combines elements of schizophrenic production with earnest singer-songwriter tendancies. I prefer the songs where the former wins over and enjoy the way his sweet, high voice rubs against the harsher elements of the arrangement but for those who prefer their music less glitchy and full of ‘beeps’ there’s some fairly straight-up compositions.

‘Soon, Soon’ is rad – especially impressive given the contracted gestation period. Kudos to Hunz.

who the bloody hell are they

Hunz welcomes Dot.ay

A small change has been made to the line up of my cd launch. We have asked local Chiptune artist Dot.ay to join us on the night. He is awesome. He uses old school gameboy’s to bring about a unique sound.

One geek against the world Dot.A.Y is Alex Yabsley/////////// The lo-fi sound of Dot.AY is influenced by Nintendo and the worlds Chiptune community, as well as the angst of noise and circuit bending………………….. Alex Yabsley also writes electro-acoustic sonic art, sound design for films and has various other musical projects in the works.////////// He likes cute pixelated violence and thats what he sounds like//// . . . . . . . = = = = = = = = = =

Hunz 28th of May @ The Troubadour

New Album is out now, it’s free!

[cue angel sample + oooo choir] “thoughts that move” is now available! It comes in a few flavors as well. You can jump right here and have a look, Click the top album cover or read more about it below.

Physical CD
After we put the poll up it was apparent that a lot of people would love a physical copy of the CD. So we went about and found a place to put this together. I think it’s come up really well and has the right balance. We managed to get the CD down to $10 (AUD) and I’m very proud of that.

Digital Download
It’s free and you can grab it right now. I love the Digital age, sure it’s scary, but the way you can help out is by telling people about my music and passing it around. It’s free!!

Renoise Files
I wouldn’t be anything without the demo scene. I really loved it when an artist would release their work in a raw format. I loved going through them all and just learning. I hope these renoise files help some people out ^_^. is hosting the files for this. A BIG thank you to the team. Renoise is one of the most exciting things I’ve used in a long time.

February 2009 housed 28 days. That’s 672 hours for potential productivity, but far less when working around employment and social commitments. This time constraint make the conditions surrounding the release of Hunz’s second album all the more remarkable.

“Thoughts That Move” was conceived, written, performed and produced by Brisbane independent electronic artist Hunz ( throughout the month of February 2009. It’s Hunz’s contribution to a worldwide contest known as the RPM Challenge (, which saw over 2,200 bands commit to releasing an album of original music within those 28 days. Those 672 hours.

These ten tracks find Hunz tightening his grip on a peerless pop sound that hints at dark electronica undertones, while never misplacing his outstanding melodic sensibilities. In a similar manner to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails offering the GarageBand source files used to compose his music, Hunz is simultaneously releasing “Thoughts That Move” in the Renoise format that contains the core components of each electronic composition.

“Thoughts That Move” is the sound of Hunz evolving the themes explored on his 2008 debut, “When Victims Fight”. First single “You Said Hello” skillfully contrasts sinister verses with an uplifting chorus, while “Car In The Meadow” will be accompanied by an intriguing animated video later in 2009. On stage, Hunz collaborates with bassist Phil Evans and drummer Richie Young on his devoted journey to the frail heart of pop music.

“It is neither forced experimentation nor a complex concept which holds these emotionally bipolar pieces together but the simple, yet hypnotically crafted rhythm of verse and chorus, as well as a voice capable of expressing discreet ecstasy and uncliched pain.” (“When Victims Fight” album review, March 2009)

“Backed by a powerhouse rhythm section, the soul man/laptop wizard gives a glimpse of what Pivot could have sounded like if Richard Pike sang conventional lyrics; his expansive range, in-song vocal loops and sheer passion make for one memorable opening slot.” (Live review, January 2009)

“Hunz augments electronic samples with his unique voice and live drum and bass to produce an enchanting sound. Why haven’t we heard him earlier? Blame ineffective promotion, blame infrequent performances; it doesn’t matter, as there’s several dozen new fans appreciating the trio’s thoughtful, restrained pieces.” (Live review, November 2008)

I REALLY hope you enjoy this release. I had a lot of fun making this and if it wasn’t for Danielle none of this would have happened. thank you.

Richard Kingsmill Review

So I was told about this link today and I was completely nervous about clicking on it. This guy, Richard Kingsmill, has such great taste in music and has helped shape Australian music into the wonderful thing it is today. I’m not going to say anything :D

Richard Kingsmill Review

What a great journey we are on people. Thanks Richard.

My Album is so close. Stuff and things.

Tonight a sense of accomplishment fills my mind as I compressed the last of the .xrns (renoise) files. The whole entire album will only be 26megs as .xrns and it was no thanks to a little compression program called XRNIRipper and it compresses the samples in the renoise files to .ogg.

In the meantime, I heard the link went dead SO, until the album becomes down loadable I’ll steam it on my site instead. Check it out :D

Also want to point you to an artist called Matt Limmer . He contacted me out of the blue to do some poster art. So I threw him 22nd of May @ The Globe gig. Really happy with the poster he did up. His design work is so endearing and fresh. Thank you Matt, really appreciate it!

Hunz 22may @ The Globe - Poster art by Matt Limmer