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Show Recap : Connect Four

So those of you that didn’t make it to last week show. Shame one you! Wow, i am still STILL buzz’n. It was packed to the max and people created until their little fingers dropped off. What was the idea behind C4? It’s art and music shaking hands, together at last.

I had one crash last night, during the final song. It happened twice. 1st time was a buffer glitch which I’m still trying to figure out. Is it my Sound card or is it Ableton? I just don’t know and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m going to do a clean install with Vista, my machines was made for vista and I’ve hacked the drivers to work in XP so maybe that’s it. The 2nd time I stomped on the firewire cable and the guys in the band kept playing and I picked up the live mic and sung the last tune out. Blair that sound guy ran to the desk and added fx on the vocals before the tune ended. It was raw. LOVED IT.

Dot.ay was the highlight for me. He uses 2 x GameBoys and 1 x Nintendo DS to bring about his sound. It is more Hardcore dance music in tone but he layers it with cuteness that it pushes it to a place I havn’t heard.

If you want to see what went down, took photo’s and has blogged about it.
HB Art also has these awesome pictures to share HB Art Flickr Set
And Check out this blog space about it Lime – diary of a fruit
Will announce another show very shortly :D

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5 Responses to “Show Recap : Connect Four”

  1. Heather B Says:

    I put some photos up on flickr too

  2. hunz Says:

    Thanks for putting the photos up. I added them to the post. Thank you.

  3. andy Says:

    always tape your datacables into your devices =P (we learned the hard way)

  4. hunz Says:

    Yeah, starting to think about that. The thing that worries me is, if I stand on it will it pull the whole laptop down? .. I think I need to come up with some kinda wrap that keeps it in but not when the pressure is to much .. Mmmm :P

  5. daz Says:

    Hey Hunz. I saw the show at Connect 4 and really liked it. I also enjoyed your interview over at Andrew McMillen. You mentioned a peice of software you used, Renoise. Which I checked out and am pleased to see it is tracking software! I thought tracking had died out with the advent of acid dj and ableton and reason…I used to tracker back in the days before mp3! Downloaded the shareware version and am happily getting involved again! Thanks for the tip.

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