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Hunz @ The Globe [22nd May]

Hunz 22may @ The Globe - Poster art by Matt Limmer

Hunz 22may @ The Globe - Poster art by Matt Limmer

West End, QLD, Sat, 02 May 09

“It’s Around Us” in .Flac Format

<a href="">It&#8217;s Around Us by hunz</a>

Awhile back people asked for hires version of my free tunes. I finally found a place to host my music and in multi formats. It’s kinda a dream come true if you ask me but I need to test it out to see if it makes everyone happy and not just me.
Send me feedback and i’ll start to roll everything else out it.

Blogs talk

Thought I would share with you some blogger’s who have written some wonderful thoughts about my music. Thank you guys.
When young optimists chase the sun
Parallel Lines slow decline
Leave them a message and show them some love!

May 1st Show Canceled

For those that marked this down in their diaries thank you but your going to have to rub it out or something because you’ll turn up to some other, which I’m sure will be AMAZING, bands instead. I’ll be announcing a show for the 2nd of may as soon as I get the final details so that shouldn’t hurt too much, right?

Triple J Unearthed

Triple J is our indie radio station here in Australia. They really help artists here in Australia emerge and become much much better. I’ve managed in the past to make a little splash with draw the line + the animation :P and am hoping that with everyone’s help I might be able to make another dent with the RPM challenge album I completed.

There are 2 ways you can do this.. Register and Listen to my track “You said Hello” and give it a rating on the unearthed player and/or review my track in the review sections.

Hunz on Triple J Unearthed

Really appreciate it guys, I’ll bring you news as things happen on that site and I will be adding more songs shortly after the RPM album gets release.

Show Recap : Connect Four

So those of you that didn’t make it to last week show. Shame one you! Wow, i am still STILL buzz’n. It was packed to the max and people created until their little fingers dropped off. What was the idea behind C4? It’s art and music shaking hands, together at last.

I had one crash last night, during the final song. It happened twice. 1st time was a buffer glitch which I’m still trying to figure out. Is it my Sound card or is it Ableton? I just don’t know and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m going to do a clean install with Vista, my machines was made for vista and I’ve hacked the drivers to work in XP so maybe that’s it. The 2nd time I stomped on the firewire cable and the guys in the band kept playing and I picked up the live mic and sung the last tune out. Blair that sound guy ran to the desk and added fx on the vocals before the tune ended. It was raw. LOVED IT.

Dot.ay was the highlight for me. He uses 2 x GameBoys and 1 x Nintendo DS to bring about his sound. It is more Hardcore dance music in tone but he layers it with cuteness that it pushes it to a place I havn’t heard.

If you want to see what went down, took photo’s and has blogged about it.
HB Art also has these awesome pictures to share HB Art Flickr Set
And Check out this blog space about it Lime – diary of a fruit
Will announce another show very shortly :D

A Conversation with me, hunz.

As the RPM thing completed I was approached by Andrew McMillen to do a conversation about my music and why I do what I do. It’s a really good read, if I do say so myself, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I had answering the questions. Thank you Andrew.

A conversation with hunz brisbane electronic artist/