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#Rpm MixingMastering Day28 You Said Hello Song8 v7

This song is the mastered version. I never posted marks mix for it so I thought I would post both for you enjoyment. There are no mastering notes for this song, I started on the 1st few and then stopped. I nearly fell asleep due to bouncing down till 2am and Matt’s room is so softly lit it makes you sleepy.


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You Said Hello [Song8 Version7]
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin] Day25

  • Ah! Now we get nasty Hunz. The lofi gore has arrived ;) Listening through a few times.
  • Starting out with all the drum elements and getting the tone right. Also changing some dynamics settings so things aren’t as snappy. Sending everthing to a group channel to lift and control the tone even more. Ok supper happy with the results.
  • Now to the instruments. Starting with the bass. Tone is now better. Onto the higher synths, making the lofi sound smoother. Ok, all the melodic elements together to check for balance. Tweaking little things to jostle it togther.
  • Now adding the drums. Squeezing the lead guitar compressor harder. Minor tweaks. Happy enough for now.
  • Onto the vocals. Cleaning first! Editing the vocal acapella and sent to a group. Wow some wickid distortion here! Global tone shaped. Now for channel edits: knocking out bass that isn’t needed.
  • Now adding all the other sounds. Food time, so time for an ear break.
  • Back into it with fresh ears. Slight adjustment on the bass. Fine tuning the lofi synth.
  • Onto headphones. Little out of the bass mids. Adding some clean dry sound to the lofi synth.
  • Checking on the big speakers. Perfect! Ok time to save and send!

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