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#Rpm MixingMastering Day28 Switch Off Song4 v4

This song is the mastered version with the ending that people haven’t heard yet. I kept this song exactly the same as the original sketch added some air movement to the toms as they progressed almost turning into snares. Also some kick undertones later on. I didn’t even redo vocal takes as I thought I didn’t want to loose what I created in that night so I left it all as is and just created some swells and an ending with an ultimatum “Yes or No you’ve got nothing left, you’ve got nothing but these two”. This song does have lyrics but I’m going to leave the rest of it up to you.


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Switch Off [Song4 Version4]
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin] Day26

  • What a lovely song to finish up the mixing on :) Loving the minimal drum and the spense of space in this one. Listening over a few times….
  • First getting the bass tones right.
  • Now the tom and kick. The drum kit verb is a bit static sounding so I’m making a seperate send for it and putting a phaser before it to liquify things. Tweaking EQs on drums. Checking percussion against the bass: some fine adjustments.
  • EQing all the other melodic instruments. Glitched Piano, Synth 01 and Strings: all with less bass and surgury in the mids. Reversing the pans of the echo send. Panning Synth 01 a fair way left.
  • Now all instruments together adjusting balances. Now with drums. Sounding good.
  • Cleaning samples! Now sending all the vocals to a group send. Adding EQ and a Filter. Addressing bass in the backing vocals. Lowering gate thresholds.
  • Now adding in all the other sounds to the vocals. Fine adjusting some volumes to get it all balanced. Turned the chorus echo into a filtered dubby echo. Panning the harmony vocal a little right.
  • Run out of time, so time for an ear break.
  • Last session with fresh ears. A few more tweaks on vocal settings.
  • Heaphone check: More minor tweaks.
  • Big speakers check: All good! Some minor weirdnesses with the low low subs that might be due to room variables, but I’m happy enough with how low it’s sitting. Time to save and send.
  • RPM mixing done! Go Hunz!

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