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A Reflection

I’ve had time to sit back and listen over the music I wrote. It happened so fast that I forgot some of the melodies and ideas which is wonderful, it’s like listening to it fresh again. I’m really proud of whats come out. Some of the tunes could have used another month that would have allowed time to work out better verses / choruses or to strip back and really find those great combination’s that help relate the moods a little better. Some of the tunes feel a little over commercial for me which I know personally I sit on this fence of being a bit quirky and understandable which I like but I prefer the quirky over the norm. One thing it really did so unexpectedly was force me to find my style more and help bridge a gap between the album I was working on. It felt so great to use Renoise to put this together too, such a joy to write on a tracker setup again. So over the piano roll outs in music apps these days :P


I personally need to thank Danielle, Mr Mark Dollin and Matthew Gray. Without these people I would never have this album out. And then a big shout out to Rpm for placing me in this awkward situation that bought about some really neat music. Then to everyone for following the journey, so great!


Please hang around as this album will hit in the next few weeks. In the Interim I’ll release the vocal version for my iphone game I worked on “venger”. Thank you.


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4 Responses to “A Reflection”

  1. Andrew McMillen Says:

    Awesome mate, look forward to it!

  2. Chris Myers Says:

    I’ve finally been able to have a deep listen to the final tracks today. Such a wide range of emotion squeezed into these songs!

    The one that has really connected with me today is “Car in the meadow.” There is something very powerful in its simple bass line. A real beauty. A perfectly understated bridge/outro part.

  3. James Says:

    I loved the work you pulled out for this. Sometimes its cool to stop thinking about what is usual and start playing with what comes out, it turns out to be very inspiring to ourselves at a later time.

    Looking forward to the release. And great work with #rpm.

  4. FlesHBoX (Jesse) Says:

    Oh man! I cannot believe I have fallen behind on this. We’ve been so busy with tax season I just spaced it off. I will have to go through the last several and give a listen!

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