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#Rpm Day2 Song3 v1

Wow, I was so tired when I got home. I came into work early, got up at 6am, I know it’s not THAT early but I’m a musician so, err, shut it. Then left early to get home at around 5pm to start another music sketch up.
I got REALLY annoyed at the loop (or was I annoying it?) while I was working on this tune and then after dinner it all fell into place. I personally blame the kick (which is a bad motown tom) because it had so many BAD frequencies in it that .. well, hearing it so much hurt my alpha and beta waves in my brain, no?. This tune is getting there, it has some motown moments. I love soul music so I do anything to inject it into my music ..

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Hunz RPM03 01

  • Trying to create something heavy and strange
  • Found Loop that has some nice tones in it
  • Chopping loop into chunks
  • Created Kick Pattern
  • Created Snare Hits
  • This loop is making me feel sick T_T
  • keep going
  • Created Hat Movement
  • Can hear some syncopation hits in the drum beat
  • Took character from kick drum for bass sample
  • Tuned bass sample to Middle C
  • Drawing in Bass sample
  • Created Bass Groove
  • Changing Drums to bring out the best in it.
  • Not feeling any feedback from the track
  • Pulled a nice synth line
  • Used FM synth sound to enhance the synthline
  • Created a nice bunch of synth notes that then changed the bass around.
  • think this might be the chorus.
  • Verse ideas – next.
  • Just realized I haven’t saved O_o
  • Built up certain parts, some bass freq’s are conflicting
  • the bass I snatched from the kick drum is a bit broken
  • Break for dinner – Thank you understanding wife!!!
  • Recorded vocals
  • I can’t explain but it just sounds better. I blame food!
  • Complicating the song out with all the parts I can hear. MoTown backing vocals here we come
  • Taking away parts and arranged better for verse.
  • Completed Sketch.


Couldn’t take this morphine
Even if it’s a craze
I’m so dumb I’m trying
to keep up with my age
I’m so dark from hiding
But I’ve turned out ok
so much is overdone it’s
all feeling tame

See you same time tomorrow O_o. I hope they don’t all start sounding the same .. PHEAR. Over the weekend I’ll attempt to output each pattern before I change it and then do a similar thing but with time break downs but you’ll get to hear it . . . phew.

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2 Responses to “#Rpm Day2 Song3 v1”

  1. brendan Says:

    Getting a massive kick out of following the creative process – the ongoing log as you work through stuff really helps make sense of the music flow.

    Really looking forward to the final results. Should be pretty epic.

  2. Phil Says:

    I’m excited about this one.

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