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#Rpm Mixing Day24 Song7 v4


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Song7 Version4
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]

  • Wow this is a dramatic one :) Nice change without the drums. Listening a few time through. Same mix method with all the other tracks, minus the drums.
  • Got the two bass parts to mesh and sit right… some evil fuzz here.
  • Shaping the tone of all the higher instruments.
  • Now all the instruments together to adjust balances. Bringing up the guitars a bit.
  • Cleaning all the samples!
  • Now for the vox, acapella and sent to a group. EQ to get the tone right. Making the chorus delay a bit longer. Mmmm some low Hunz voice is nice in the chorus.
  • Adding in the other sounds to join the vocals. Making sure the epic chorus retains punch and intensity.
  • Real emotional intensity in this song, quite enjoying it. Taking me to a similar place as Kate Bush’s ‘Under Ice’ does.
  • Everything is feeling right, so time for a headphone check. Micro adjustment on the low voice in the chorus. Adding another reverse pan delay to the chorus distortion to get it bigger.
  • Now onto the big speakers: All good. Time for an ear break.
  • Fresh ears! Just a tiny edit on the vocal top end. Checking over. OK, all done!

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  1. Nicheno Says:

    Well, you’ve done it. Brilliant song. Glad you leave it drumless. With This Heroine (you know which one is that) the best song for me. And of course all compliments to Mr. Mark Dollin for his great efforts in mixing.

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