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#Rpm Mixing Day24 Song3 v4


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Song3 Version4
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]

  • I think I found my new favourite RPM song! What bliss and pain all rolled together! Listening through a few times to get a sense of all the bits. I’ll be approaching the mix using the same method as all the previous mixes. Low, to high, to vocals, to the whole mix. Oddies follow:
  • Fixing some buggy clicks in the kick drum – still gritty but not so clicky.
  • Lifiting the tone of all the drums, time for some punch!
  • Now to the synths, fixing spatialities and tones to make sure there’s nothing left but detailed high magic.
  • Bass is dissappearing into the kick in places so I’m adding a wide chorus to let it speak it more above the kick.
  • Now to sample cleaning! Clean clean clean…
  • Sending all the vocals to a group to get a nice shape to the sound. Adjusting the tone of each vocal sound to get it all interlock.
  • Now adding everything back with the vocals. Making more tweaks to vocal placements to emphasise the drama of the parts.
  • Putting a lengthend fade at the end.
  • Checking on headphones. Fine adjustments here and there.
  • It’s getting late so it would be wise to have a final check with fresh ears early tomorrow.
  • Earling morning session. Fixing some more vocal settings, getting everything flowing and balanced.
  • Time to check on the big speakers loud! More fine adjusting on vocals.
  • Back to the main speakers for one last check. Ok done!

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