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#Rpm Mixing Day21 Song9 v2

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Song9 Version2
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]

  • Go the 80s toms!! Taking the very same approach with the other songs to mix this. Addressing the EQ/tone/mix of the parts in order: low end- kick, bass; then the drums; then the melodic instruments; then the vocal; then all together. Perculiarites as follows:
  • Smoothing out the micro-harshnesses in the drum parts, making sure they present nice and birghtly without being to intense.
  • Making sure all the keyboard sounds don’t sit too low in tone, lifting things up with EQ. Adding subtle echo here and there to fill things out. Fine tuning the counter balance of all the musical elements with volume changes here and there.
  • Cleaning up the vocal and keyboard samples for little clicks etc…
  • Now for Hunz’s angelic vocals acapella. Doing as before sending all vocals into a group to get the overall tone right.
  • Adding all the other elements to join the vocals. Really enjoying the second verse! There’s some nice attitude there… Fine tuning volumes to get everything to gel.
  • Checking the mix on other playback systems. Headphones. Then on the big speakers in the other room. Things are sitting well so it may be time to rest the mix and check it again later.
  • A new session with fresh ears. Bringing the bass subs a touch. Tiny adjustment on the chorus synth delay. Bringing down the bridge synth a touch.
  • All done! Time to upload for Hunz.

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