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#Rpm Mixing Day19 Song6 v7

I changed the format of this one. I thought going back into the chorus at the end would work. I know, I’m going back to conventions but it, well .. needs it? So now its, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, Outro. Enjoy what Mark has mixed:D


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Song6 Version7
Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]


  • Time for a brief early morning mix session. Having a general listen and enjoying the slow chill vibe. Setting up some master channel settings for standard playback.
  • First things first looking at the bass. Putting a High Pass filter on the bass expansion echo, keeping all the low end mono. Adding an EQ to shape the sound. Adding a little dry warmth to the distortion. Adjusting the highpass on the bass atmosphere channel. Nasty little click on the start of pattern 12 – Attempting to fix the problem by automations to replace the switching on the filter. Same issue at pattern 32 fixed.
  • Ok now to the kick. Wow this one is an oddy! Clicking on the second kick fixed with a short instrument envelope. Adjusted the EQ, but may have to check it later.
  • Playing kick and bass together to get sense of balance on the low end. Kick seems a bit flabby and epic so I’m trying a gate on it to make it punch quicker.
  • Now the snare. Feeling a bit too loud and lively so I’m lowering the output on the compressor and squeezing the ratio harder. Taking some low end out of the EQ. Adding a LP Filter to knock some nasties out of the high end.
  • Kick and snare together are feeling a little dull in tone – adding a filter to brighten the tone.
  • Adding the highhat to the mix. Bringing the volume down so it sits inside the kit sound. Fine tuning the EQ. Adding a reversed pan echo to fill the soundstage more.
  • Adding the bass back to the mix and just realised it needs a light chorus on the highs to make the sound ‘travel’ more.
  • This’ll have to do for now – time to go to work!
  • Afternoon session. Starting off with Synth 01. Turning off the left inversion. Adding another short revere-pan delay to make up the width. Adding an EQ to focus the tone.
  • Now for the Rhodes. Cleaning all the samples of clicks. Adding an EQ to focus things a bit, especially reducing tension in the mids.
  • Looking at Synth 02, which is kinda epic and erratic. Again a quick EQ to fix the tone up.
  • Time for the big phat strings! Moving the EQ to after the compressor and adjusting the tone a bit. Checking the Reverb send while I’m here. Adding a filter to reduce the bass, offsetting the pan just a little to the right. Adding a reverse panned delay to fill the width evenly.
  • Now playing all the melodic instruments together to get a feel of how it’s all coming together. Making some minor tone adjustments here and there.
  • Adding the drums to the mix. Bringing up the strings a bit. Squeezing the drum compressor just a little more and adding a limiter to catch stray transients. Listening through a few times.
  • Time to rest the ears and have a break before doing the vocals. Time to walk the dog!
  • Armed with Aktivite I’m ready to tackle the vocals. Listening to all the vocals acapella. There’s some nice ‘voice breaks’ hunz as done here, has a nice emotional tension to it.
  • Sending all the vocals to a group send to apply global edits to them. Adding an EQ to the group to smooth the sound.
  • Bringing up the volume of the first verse vocal.
  • Soloing the backing vocals. Lowering the bass in the EQs.
  • Back to the full vocals to check balances. Adding a filter on the group send to lift the tone of the high end. Mmmm sparkley!
  • Spending some time cleaning the vocal samples…
  • Adjusting the feedback levels on the vocal echos to balance the stereo image a little more.
  • Ready to add the other sounds to the mix, one by one.
  • Vocals feel like they are dominating just a bit. Dropped the group volume by -06dB ;)
  • Bass upper harmonics are feeling like they are competing with Hunz’s voice, so I’m lowering the bass tone a bit.
  • Things are feeling nice and together so it’s time to check on other speakers. First: headphones. Bringing the drums up a touch. Just a touch more off the low end of the vocals.
  • Now to the big speakers in the other room nice and loud! Dropping the chorus vox down a small amount.
  • Back on the main speakers, adding a fadeout on the last pattern. This is sounding right to my ears now. Time to pass it back to The Lord of The RPM.

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