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#Rpm Mixing Day14 Song2 v04

Mark has been doing an incredible job with mixing these tracks. Thank you so much mark have a listen to what he did with this one, it’s just so great!


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  • Loading song, listening to the whole mix a few times to understand the sound. Already smooth and lush! Lovely music to listen to! Some really good echo fx in this one!
  • Adjusting master gain settings for standard playback volume.
  • Starting off with getting the bass right. Adding reductive EQ. Taking the panning off the bass samples to focus it mono, and adding a chorus to give the bass harmonics width and expression.
  • Onto the Kick: Adjusting EQ. Adding a LP Filter to the drum chain. Checking bass and kick together and making some fine adjustments.
  • Checking the snares. Adding an EQ.
  • Checking the hats. Adjusting the EQ. Adding a bit of delay for width.
  • Looking at the noise snare. Adding a LP Filter on the reverb. Adjusting the EQ to focus the tone. Adding a LP Filter post the distortion to knock out the nasty extreme highs.
  • Looking at the extra noise percussions. Hunz is a noisy lad on this one! Added a filter and EQ to focus the sound. Added a reverse echo to thicken the width.
  • Shaking up the shakers: Adding an EQ to smooth them a bit.
  • Playing all the percussion together. Making some minor adjustments to here and there to get it all punch nicely. Adding a filter over the whole lot to lift the tone a bit.
  • Onto the Lead synth, Wow some cool sci-fi sirens here. Adjusting EQ. Adding a filter on the echo.
  • Now to the Rough Synth. Adding an EQ to smooth the sound a bit.
  • Looking at the the arp synth. Adding an EQ to shape the sound, taking out the lows and little bit of the mids.
  • Now playing all the melodic instruments together to get a sense of cohesion. Fine tuning some EQ settings. Sounding nice.
  • Now adding all the percussion to the melodic sounds. Drums aren’t punching quite right. Bringing the shakers down. Adding a limiter to the hats to make them behave. Bringing the snare sounds up a little. Bringing the kick up a touch. Adjusting the synth’s panning wider to fill the sound stage more.
  • Feeling like the chip sounds are a little ‘stiff’ sounding so I’ve added a very very light internal vibrator to instrument 4, 5 and 6. If this bugs hunz he can easily turn it off later.
  • Now to the vocals: listening to them as a whole group acapella. Echoes are very beautiful, but I might added a filter to roll some of the tops off within the echo part.
  • Adding all the vocal parts to a send group to do global processing. Adding an EQ to filter the vocals. Sounding good! Time to have a little break for lunch and let ears have a rest…
  • Ok a new session. Checking vocals. Hearing some clicks here and there, so it may be time to clean the vocal samples.
  • Addressing some clicks causes by fx switches on the vocals. All fixed.
  • Now to listen to the whole mix to check the balances.
  • Adjusting the kick EQ again, list a little.
  • Automating a little fade of the very first synth to fix a little attack issue.
  • Vocals are disappearing a little within all the detail so I might try to lift their tone a bit. Added a filter to emphasise the vocal highs.
  • Things are sounding ok on my main speaker so it’s time to check on some other speakers. First: my headphones.
  • Some of the background vocals are feeling a little too bassy: adjusted EQs.
  • The first little bridge has a ‘talky bass’ that gets too dynamic at points. Fixed with a few volume commands.
  • Second verse has a lead instrument that gets a bit too dominant for a bit. Addressed with some volume automation on the post-compressor.
  • Switching back to main speakers. Listening a few times just enjoying the music!
  • Trying out a little gating idea on the end of the bridge to emphasise a pause. Got it to dive down nice and sharp. It’s bordering on an artistic choice, so I’ll let hunz decide if he’d like to keep it or not.
  • Tried the mix on a big set of speakers loud in another room. Sounds pretty good, but the vocal could do with a touch off the low end. Adjusted that.
  • One last check on the main speakers. Ok, happy with what is going on here. Time to pass it back!

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4 Responses to “#Rpm Mixing Day14 Song2 v04”

  1. chris Says:

    Unbelievable, just unbelievable

  2. Eric Hamilton Says:

    Wow. Mark is good. His work is subtle and smooth. The notes melt into each other seamlessly. Brilliant.

    The original mix was so good already, but this version does sound a bit more mature. Lovely team work.

  3. James Rickard Says:

    This is smoking. Love the work guys!

  4. Brendan Says:

    Fantastic. Mark and yourself make a fantastic combo.

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