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#Rpm Mixing Day12 Long Road Song1 v5

Well, I’m so excited by this that I might explode. Mr Mark Dollin aka mmd is helping me out with Rpm. He is gracefully giving up his time and taken the role of cleaning up my mixes and making them sound better then they should during this really tight turn around. I’ve asked him to talk about his mixing in the same way I have about my sketching and tracking of the songs. This post is a bit late but we’ll play catch ups as they come out. As you may have noticed the name has changed for Song1 v5 to Long Road. Thank you everyone for your input on this one, I’ll keep it going with all the songs and pick the best names.


This experience so far has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you everyone. Please enjoy Mark’s notes as I have. Visit his site and throw some love his way his work is so greatness. Click here for MMD


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Hunz – Long Road – Version 5


  • Loading mix, getting acquainted with the sounds, learning what all the channels are. Sounds amazing already!
  • Setting up some master volume settings.
  • Soloing each sound to understand the parts, looking at FX settings. Hunz has some complete send splits going on! Hmm… Group soloing all the vocals, enjoying a private Hunz acapella ;)
  • Low end feels a bit too huge and boomy, focus on the kick first. Kick filter and EQ tightened. Now the bass: re-shaping EQ, adding a light chorus. Put a compressor on the kick to make it a punch.
  • Now the snare: taking some low end mud out of it and some harsh mids. Putting a limiter on the snare to make it behave a bit.
  • Hats – thinking of lifting the tone a bit – added a filter. Added an EQ to remove some harshness.
  • Looking at the ‘drum master’ where all of the drums are sent, again thinking of liftin the tone – added a filter. Happy with the drums.
  • Now to Synth1. Ouch, some painful mids here – adjusting EQ. Panning is causing some spatiality issues – added subtle reversed echo.
  • Synth2: Adding a filter to knock off the extreme high sounds from the lofi grit. Adding an echo like before to get some more width. Adding some EQ to take out unwanted frequencies.
  • The ghostly pad: enjoying the textured haunting sounds but it needs some bass and mids out so changing the EQ.
  • Fixing up some some filtering issues in the sends…
  • Now listening to the whole song without the vocals to see how the music gels. Time to save! Might be time to have a break before attacking the vocals, so time to walk the dog!
  • Ok vocal time. Trimming and cleaning the actual vocal recordings. Fixing some little pops and clicks.
  • Listening the the whole mix to get a sense of what needs balancing. Now to listen to just the vocals.
  • Making a send to group all the vocals in, to make some changes to the vocal sound overall. Added a High Pass Filter to knock out any subs. Doing some subtle EQ to clarify the vocals. Adding a sharp Low Pass Filter to focus the ‘air’.
  • Thinking of adding some subtle verb to the vocals… Kind of works but doesn’t for some of the percussive vocals so I’m removing them from the send group. It’s touch and go whether or not the verb works, so I might leave it for now and let Hunz decide.
  • Back to the whole mix, listen to it altogether. Thinking the vocals could be automated to be more subtle for the first verse especially, but then ramped up for the chorus. Again, something for Hunz to decide.
  • Might be time to check the mix on a different set of speakers in a different room, so I’m linking that up.
  • Generally happy with the sound on the other system but I’m thinking the vocals need a little more ‘air’ emphasised. Used a basic Low Pass Filter trick to lift the high end.
  • Starting to get a bit of ‘ear fatigue’ so time for a break and a check later.
  • Trying out a late night session on headphones to check a few things. Nothing much seems addressing at this point but the verse ‘hum’ note seems too bassy for the mix. Putting a light High Pass Filter on that part.
  • This will do for now. Will do a final check tomorrow with fresh ears.
  • Early morning sessions with fresh ears: Was thinking the keys may be a little soft but they sound pretty right. Struggling to find much else to fiddle with. May be time to save and pass back to Hunz for his final edits!


I would also like to note that this song has yet to be mastered which another friend of mine is helping me out with as well. I will talk more about this later but man, the help I’m getting for this is just overwhelming. I’m just so amazed. OK, amazement over it’s time to get some sleep and get on to RPM tomorrow!


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4 Responses to “#Rpm Mixing Day12 Long Road Song1 v5”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Wow, this is really starting to sound something special. Impressive.

  2. Eric Hamilton Says:

    This is sounding terrific! Love it.

  3. p7 Says:

    can’t stop listening

  4. FlesHBoX Says:

    I’m with them. totally loving this!

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