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#Rpm Mixing Day19 Song2 V5

Double post on this one. I have put up what changes I made and then what Mr Mark Dollin did to the mix. Enjoy the extra parts. :D Also, this song will fade out of the last 16bars so also enjoy the VERY, VERY long ending with no fade. Fade-outs happen on the mastering end, so you get to hear everything VERY, very raw. And it’s possible I will ditch the part before the space lead comes in at the end 2:05 – 2:22.


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Song2 Version5


Arranging Comments


  • I just wanted to complete something today
  • Listening through Song2
  • Taking on suggestions of doing a long fade
  • I think it needs another something before going back to chorus
  • Hearing some of the verse being sung over the chorus chords
  • Singing them in
  • Changing the bass notes around and bringing in drums from the verse
  • Hearing a counter vocal melody
  • Singing that in
  • Putting a lead into the chorus play out, sounds spacey but apt
  • Going back into the blend from the new bridge chorus
  • It’s working!
  • Going to bring in the counter vocal melody from the bridge into the end chorus
  • Feeling happy with this now.
  • The gate I’ve stuck on the counter melody is bad; changing it.


Mixing Comments [Mr Mark Dollin]


  • Listening a few times over and paying attention to the new bits hunz has added.
  • Ok going back to the Kick to give it some TLC, could be further ‘tightened’. Slightly adjusting the EQ to get the subs punching lower so it doesn’t compete with the bass.
  • Re-adjusting the bass EQ just to fine tune things. Warming the distortion settings a bit by adding some dry signal.
  • Quick adjustment on the vocal high end freqs, just a touch brighter.
  • Looking at the ‘I don’t know what to do’ vocal line… Taking a little more out of the low end. Adding a reverse-panned delay to fill the soundstage a bit. Dropping the volume a touch.
  • Now the ‘Space Lead’ that soars in the bridge. Moved the panner back in the chain so the pan position gets caught in the delay send (helps spatiality). Adjusting the EQ to lower the bass and soften the mids a little more. Adding a light squeeze on the compressor to even the dynamics on the rise. Adding a light chorus on the start of the chain to ‘liquefy’ the lead.
  • Listening to the whole mix a few times. Now checking on headphones. Micro adjusting the bass and kick EQ. Now checking on the big speakers nice and loud. Ok! Happy with the balance of everything. Time to quickly get it back to hunz!


You might be sick of that ending by now BUT I am going to ad lib the last chorus over the last 16bars so you get some unique stuff happening. I’ll be doing this as a final pass next week. Not sure if the renoise files will contain this, it might make the file much bigger. I’ll check.


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