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#Rpm Mixing Day16 Song5 V4

So here is another mix from mark for your ears. This song is near complete. I do want to make some minor changes (that’s if I get time). Some involve the over usage of the crash on the accents and some double kicks that are killing the groove for me. Extending the “Go!” movement and some other little things here and there .. That’s about it. Enjoy.


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  • Loading mix up: having a few listens to get familiar with the sounds and what the song is doing. Lots of channels! Kinda wish Renoise had colour-coded channels so we can find our way around massive mixes like this. It’s an aggressive mix, but hunz has already done a fantastic job…
  • As always, starting off with the low sounds – so checking the bass. Not much to change so adding a lite EQ to shape the sound. Removing panning envelope from the bass and adding a light vibrato to the instrument. Making up for the ‘flow sound’ by adding a stereo chorus with a mono low end.
  • Now to the kick. Slightly adjusting the EQ. Hmm, the drum reverb is a little stiff sounding so I might add a light pre-phaser. Playing the kick off the bass to check balance. Sounding good.
  • Onto the fat noisy snare. Found the complex chain to make the sound, so I’m adjusting the final EQ.
  • Looking at the high hat line. Adjusting the chorus and adding a wide delay to build spatiality. Bringing down the volume a touch.
  • Checking the Perc Hats. Taking a little more low end out of the sound.
  • Listening to the Perc Snare which is a delightful little glitchy sound. All good.
  • Now to the crashes. Removing some of the intensity out of the mids with an EQ.
  • Playing all the drum sounds together. Panning the glitchy snare a little to the left. Making some minor adjustments here and there. Fine tuning the snare sound. All up it’s a hard industrial like sound, but that’s good because it suits the song.
  • Now onto Synth 01. Adjust the EQ to clear the sound. The ‘width’ of the sound is kinda screwing with my ears (I’m a bit of a ‘fixed pan with ambience’ sort of guy). Oh there’s a panning envelope in the instrument – might leave that be for hunz to consider.
  • Looking at Synth 02. Making the flanger width mono. Adding an EQ to knock out harsh mids.
  • Checking the Strings out. Reversing the delay pans to even out the spatiality. Added EQ.
  • Now to the Sreaming Filter – wow lovely texture here, really industrial. Just adding a Bandpass Filter to knock out some noise from the highs and low end.
  • Playing all the melodic sounds together to see how they gel. Further adjusting the bass EQ.
  • Now adding all the percussion to the mix to see how that balances with the melodic sounds. Upping the ratio on the drum compressor to tighten it a bit. Bringing up the bridge synth a bit. High hat need some reverse pan delay on it to balance the width.
  • Ok all sounding workable, might be time to rest the ears and walk Max ;)
  • Time for a short session, so it may be good to begin cleaning the vocal samples. The usual top and tail fades etc.
  • Playing all the vocal parts together acapella. Lovely harmonies!
  • Some distortion on the chorus vocal – and hunz has planned the is an intensity effect like old tube mic performances. Might try to warm that up a bit – adjusted the tone and distortion type.
  • As with the other songs I’m sending all the vocal sounds to a master send to do group processing over the entire vocal sound. Set up an EQ but I can to stop early due to rehearsals being shifted early.
  • Back to it! Shaping an EQ for the vocals. Adjusting the volume of the chorus vocal. Adding a master filter to the vocals to brighten the tone a bit.
  • Turning off the main vox to just hear the backing vocals. Doing some subtle changes to the backing vox to make sure there’s no low end interference.
  • Time to play the whole mix! Listening through a few times… Upped the entire vocal my just a few tiny pixels… ;)
  • Things are sounding complete, so time to check on headphones. Just discovered the verse vocal is inverted L-R! Hmm, I kinda prefer it mono, but hunz may have wanted it that way for a reason. I’ll settle with mono for now and hunz can switch it back if he so wishes. Just discovered the bridge vocal is the same. Hmmm… A solution is needed. Ok added a stereo chorus that hopefully covers the task for both vocal parts.
  • Switching back to speakers. Things a feeling right, but it’s getting late so I may have to do a final check on the morrow.
  • Fresh early morning session: Time to play it really loud! Put a master fade on the outro of the song to return the audio to zero.
  • Checked the mix on the big speakers in another room. Everything sounds like where it should be.
  • Saving, and done! Time to pass back to hunz.

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